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The girl turned around and looked at Yun Feng with her bright eyes. Yun Feng chuckled. “I’ve just entered the inner campus. I don’t quite understand the rules. Also, do you know where we should live?”

The girl frowned and pointed in one direction. “With your strength, you should be going in that direction. Someone will tell you when you get there. I don’t know anything else.” After saying that, the girl turned around and left. After a while, she left Yun Feng’s sight. Yun Feng couldn’t help but shake her head and chuckle. What a stubborn personality.

“I forgot to ask her name.” Yun Feng was a bit regretful. She had quite a good impression of this girl. You Yue smiled. “It’s not very difficult to know about her. According to her, she’s also a very famous person in this inner campus.”

“They’re both members of the Gong family, but they’re treated so differently. Should I say that it’s her sorrow or the sorrow of this family?” Qu Lanyi mumbled. Yun Feng and You Yue didn’t say anything. The few of them continued walking forward and soon walked to a place with a very wide vision. After a while, someone came to receive them as the girl said. He arranged Yun Feng and the others to a place and explained some rules of the inner campus in detail. 𝘧𝔯e𝗲𝙬ℯ𝙗𝓷o𝘷e𝗹.𝐜𝑜𝒎

Disciples in the inner campus were usually divided into two factions. One of them came from large families, and the other came from disciples who had been promoted from the outer campus. The members of the large families and the disciples who had been promoted from the outer campus lived in two different places. These two factions also formed two groups. The two groups didn’t like each other. Some young people from the large families came from the inner campus through the back door, so the family faction was also divided into two parts. One of them was the talented geniuses who were born with good potential, while the other was the ones who got in through the back door. There were also some special marginal figures. The girl Yun Feng saw just then was a famous one. Those who got in through the back door didn’t want to be with such a person. There was also a kind of marginal figures who was a top talent. Whether it was the family faction or the civilian faction, such geniuses were the kind of existence that couldn’t be roped in.

Yun Feng came in with the spot of the Gong family, so she was certainly arranged to live in the area where the family faction lived. There was a huge conflict between the family faction and the civilian faction and the area where they lived was also very far away. When there was conflict, there would be competition and when there was competition, there would be motivation. The inner campus was like this. The people practicing here were undoubtedly competitive, not only for themselves, but also so that their faction wouldn’t be despised by the other faction.

Not long after Yun Feng and the others moved in, someone from the family faction had already come to greet them. The people who came to greet them were certainly those who got in through the back door. Yun Feng also knew that there were so-called leaders or idols in both factions. The four families were the leaders of the family faction. The genius of the You family was also included and was one of the leaders. On the civilian faction’s side, they were the outer campus disciples who were lucky enough to become the personal disciples of the elders.

Yun Feng didn’t have the time to care about the conflict between the two factions at all and she wasn’t interested in participating at all, so although the family faction showed their enthusiasm, Yun Feng showed her coldness. The family thought they had roped in a good person, but they didn’t expect Yun Feng to have such an attitude. In the end, they could only leave angrily. After that, nobody came to disturb Yun Feng.

After coming to the inner campus, Yun Feng knew that the improvement of her strength was urgent. The average strength of the inner campus was above Grade 4 of the King Level. Even if she didn’t compare with others, Yun Feng planned to improve her strength to another level in order to surpass herself. Grade 5 of the King Level wasn’t enough for her right now.

If she wanted to increase her level, she certainly couldn’t do without the help of the Golden Cauldron Fluid. The use of the Golden Cauldron Fluid certainly had to be in an enclosed space. Even though there weren’t many disciples in the inner campus, it was also a complicated place. If she used the Golden Cauldron Fluid recklessly here, it would definitely cause a huge commotion. After thinking for a while, Yun Feng decided to enter the Dragon Palace to cultivate. The Dragon Palace was the best cultivation space and wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone. Besides, with the transformation function of the Dragon Palace, nobody would notice anything at all.

Qu Lanyi and You Yue certainly cultivated together with Yun Feng. After planning everything, the three of them entered the Dragon Palace. Yun Feng took out the ten Golden Cauldron Trees she took away back then. It was a good idea to catalyze the Golden Cauldron Fluid while cultivating. Only Yun Feng could meet this specific catalytic condition.

After the three of them entered the Dragon Palace, the dragon-shaped jade pendant gradually merged into the room and became an inconspicuous item, placed in an inconspicuous corner of the room. Time began to pass slowly. In a corner in the inner campus, the Golden Cauldron Fluid was taking effect quickly. The other people in the inner campus wouldn’t notice this corner at all and they wouldn’t notice the three people who had disappeared for a while.

On the other side of the Juxing School, in the pharmaceutical branch where the potion elder was located, the potion elder was frowning at the Golden Cauldron Tree in front of him. He had already used more than a few hundred methods and couldn’t generate the Golden Cauldron Fluid at all. This was indeed the Golden Cauldron Tree, but it could only be a decoration right now.

“What do you think? It still doesn’t work?” A voice came. The potion elder looked up and sighed helplessly. “There’s nothing I can do. I’ve thought of everything I can think of. It just doesn’t produce the Golden Cauldron Fluid. What can I do?”

The person frowned and looked at the Golden Cauldron Tree in front of him helplessly. The potion elder thought of something. “Didn’t your three disciples see that person back then? Did you find that person?”

The Third Elder shook his head. “No. According to their description, that person is obviously a girl in her early twenties. How can such a person be a master-level pharmacist?”

The potion elder was deep in thought after hearing that. “That’s hard to say. She looks like a girl in her early twenties, but who can say her actual age? Besides, she’s a master-level potion maker.”

The Third Elder sighed again. “I thought I would be able to get the Golden Cauldron Fluid after finding the Golden Cauldron Tree, but it seems that it’s still far away.”

The potion elder burst into laughter. “It’ll be easier to deal with the matter of the Golden Cauldron Fluid once we find that person. Speaking of which, there are too few talented disciples in the inner campus in the field of potions. There are indeed a lot of disciples who study the branches of potions, but there are too few who have achievements. The highest level right now is an advanced three-star!”𝒇𝘳ℯℯ𝚠𝙚𝑏𝗻𝑜ѵ𝑒𝙡.co𝑚

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