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Yun Feng shook her head with a smile and took Qu Lanyi’s hand off. She looked back at the room in the distance. “Someone must be talking about me.” 𝐟r𝒆ℯ𝘄𝑒𝒃𝚗𝒐𝘃e𝗹.c𝘰𝐦

Qu Lanyi looked at the layout of the inner campus. “Although the inner campus isn’t as vast as the outer campus, the layout is obviously much more precise. There are even branches here. It’s truly like the style of the noble academy.”

“This is also the biggest difference between the inner campus and the outer campus, right? The difference in the speed of cultivation and the environment, the chance to be taught by the five elders in person, and the choice of subjects. This is an opportunity that those disciples who study in the outer campus can’t get at all, so they’re so eager to enter the inner campus.” After saying that, Yun Feng glanced at the situation around her with her black eyes. “I think we should find someone to ask where we should stay in the inner campus.”

“There seems to be something going on over there.” You Yue pointed in that direction. Some noises came faintly from there. The three of them walked forward. After turning a few corners, they finally saw the scene in front of them.

“Hey, aren’t you from the Gong family? If you’re one of the four families, why don’t you have the courage to fight with us?” Four or five people stood or squatted, surrounding a person inside with a mocking look on their faces and they said extremely harshly.

The Gong family? Yun Feng had never thought that she would meet someone from the Gong family under such circumstances. It was a bit unexpected. One of them extended his leg and kicked. The person surrounded inside didn’t say a word. They had some backbone.

“Are you deaf? He’s talking. Didn’t you hear him?”

The few young men shouted and kicked inside one by one with a twisted excitement on their faces. These few people must have been promoted from the outer campus. The distortion in their minds was completely reflected at this moment. Their hatred for the four families hadn’t reduced at all.

The few young men surrounded her and didn’t notice Yun Feng and the others’ arrival. They were still mocking her to their heart’s content. You Yue clenched his fists and stood aside. His body was trembling slightly, but he couldn’t say or do anything. This was the rule of survival in this world.

The few young men moved aside slightly. Yun Feng finally saw the person inside clearly with her eyes. It was a girl! A girl was curled up in the corner with a dirty face. She hugged her knees and let these young men beat and scold her. She didn’t say a word and sat there expressionlessly!

“She’s just a mute. Nobody in the Gong family cares about her. The Gong family has also given up on her, but she’s quite pretty. Why don’t we…” The few young men laughed lewdly. Yun Feng’s face immediately darkened. Even though there was no such thing as gender inequality in this world, girls had to work harder if they wanted to have the same achievements as men on the road of cultivation! They might be mocked and ridiculed if they didn’t have the strength, but it didn’t mean that they could accept humiliation!

“Hehehe, my mind is full of cultivation and I can’t remember that. But now that you mention it, I really want to do it…” f𝘳𝚎𝑒𝚠𝑒𝚋𝘯o𝘃eƖ.co𝓂

“Then let’s do it now. You’ll be the first!”

The girl was still sitting there quietly with no expression on her face. Yun Feng stood far away and didn’t do anything. If this girl didn’t have any intention of resisting, it would be a waste for her to interfere. You Yue was about to rush forward, but Yun Feng stopped him. Qu Lanyi said coldly, “Why are you in such a hurry? A person who won’t resist after being treated like this isn’t worth helping. It’s best not to be nosy.”

The few young men were about to tear the girl’s clothes. The girl, who had been holding back just then, suddenly moved. Her curled up body suddenly stood up from the corner and a ball of fire gushed out of her hand. The few young men jumped to the side and were all shocked by the girl’s resistance.

“You scumbags, if you dare to touch me again, I’ll burn you all to smithereens!” The girl’s little face was dirty, but her black eyes were surprisingly bright. The light surging in them was like the eyes of a beast, with viciousness and strong resistance!

The few young men suddenly burst into laughter. “Burn us to smithereens? You’re just a mid-stage Lord. We’re all at Grade 4 of the King Level. Aren’t you going to burn us to smithereens? Come on, come on!” The few young men burst into laughter and pretended to surround the girl again. Right at this moment, a heat wave came from behind with scorching temperature. The few young men immediately jumped away vigilantly and narrowed their eyes when they saw Yun Feng walking over.

“Why haven’t I seen you before? Mind your own business!”

Yun Feng put on a smile with her red lips and an unusually bright fire jumped in her hand. The temperature around was slightly distorted because of the fire. The girl with a dirty face looked at the fire in Yun Feng’s hand and couldn’t help but feel a bit fascinated. A layer of sweat appeared on the foreheads of those young people and they knew that Yun Feng wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

“You bullied a member of the Gong family under my watch. If she can’t burn you, I’ll do it for her. What do you think?”

The few young men were all stunned. “A member of the Gong… The Gong family!” They looked at each other and only found it strange. The few members of the Gong family ignored this person. When did such a person appear in the Gong family? The few young men looked at each other and immediately left in a hurry. The girl with a face full of dirt looked at Yun Feng carefully a few times. She wasn’t full of kindness because of her help just then, but looked at Yun Feng vigilantly. “You’re not a member of the Gong family. I’ve never seen you.”

Yun Feng chuckled and put away all the fire elements. “I’m indeed not a member of the Gong family, but I came in with the spot of the Gong family.”

The girl looked at Qu Lanyi and You Yue next to Yun Feng. “You won’t get anything for helping me.”

“Do I have to get benefits for helping people?” Yun Feng raised her brows. The girl pursed her lips and didn’t say anything. In the end, she chuckled. “As you can see, it’s best not to have anything to do with me in the inner campus. The other members of the Gong family are all ashamed of me. I guess the master thinks so too.” The girl couldn’t help but look a bit lonely. “So, you should stay away from me, so as not to cause you unnecessary trouble.”

The girl turned around and was about to leave. Yun Feng knew that this girl didn’t want to cause trouble for her, so she rejected her so coldly. She couldn’t help but feel a bit impressed by this girl. “Wait!”

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