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Manga The Emperor’s Mask

Emperor's Mask, Máscara Del Emperador, 황제의 가면

Synopsis The Emperor’s Mask

I didn’t know passing out was so scary. I lost consciousness after drinking, and when I opened her eyes, I was in another world, in another person’s body. That alone is absurd, but I found out that the cause of death for this body was murder, not suicide. I’m so busy adjusting to the reality that it feels like I’m going insane. Another thing is the Emperor who doesn’t even show his face to the public. What’s wrong with him!? Meanwhile, his servant, a suspicious man, continues to follow her. “What’s that big bowl?” “…….” Damn, you’re interrupting me mixing rice with a spoon! The story of a mysterious emperor, a shady servant, a man who doesn’t reveal himself, and the wrong heroine Lucia.
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