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Manga Guide For A Princess-To-Be

Becoming a Queen, Adventures of the Princess Consort, Công Lược Trưởng Thành Của Vương Phi(Tiếng việt), Guide For A Princess-To-Be, Love over Schemes, Princess Growth Strategy, Strategies of the Newly-wed Princess, The Growth Strategy of the Princess, Wangfei De Chengzhang Gonglue, Wángfēi De Chéngzhǎng Gōnglüè, Стратегия роста принцессы, 王妃的成长攻略

Synopsis Guide For A Princess-To-Be

Second tier actress, Mu Shi Shi, was transported by accident back to the dynasty era and became the ugliest eldest daughter in Lingyun’s state minister’s mansion, then inexplicably got an arranged engagement with a handsome prince. However, with the other sister’s schemings, the prince’s tactics and the enemy nation’s plots, how can their married life be peaceful?
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