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Manga Shoukan Suru Sekai

Alternative Titles

Synopsis Shoukan Suru Sekai

異世界は僕らの手の中に!世界の理を超え夢を描け!!召喚士――それは数多ある異世界の中から、様々なモノを呼び出すことのできる者。両親を知らない少年・常世は、そんな召喚士に憧れを抱く一人だった。だが、常世には“ある秘密”が。それはもう、この世の理を揺るがしかねないほどの…!!「召喚士×学園」の「ブラッドラッド」小玉有起先生最新バトルファンタジー!! A brand-new series from the creator of Blood Lad! When creatures, items, and even space itself can be summoned from other worlds, no one should want for anything…right? Tokoyo, a boy who was abandoned to live with the Summoned in the Fantasy District aims to become a summoner to help all his Summoned friends. When he arrives in Tokyo to attend the Summoning Academy, he’s told he’ll never make it by the first summoner he meets! Tokoyo realizes he has a lot left to learn…and finds a new dream: to become the bridge between humanity and the Summoned!
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