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“Little Miss, we have signed a contract with the Kennedy family. If we rashly withdraw our capital, we will be considered to have violated the contract first. Other than losing the capital we invested in earlier, we will also have to pay a large penalty fee.” Su Jin thought for a moment. Actually, she didn’t approve of her little miss using such an extreme method.

Although this method could suppress the Kennedy family, similarly, it didn’t have any advantages for them.

“Yes, Su Jin’s analysis is very good.” Chen Meng’er nodded.

“Then Little Miss, do you mean we are not to withdraw?” Zhou Yunbo scratched his head and asked.

“Who said we’re not withdrawing? Withdraw,” Chen Meng’er said with a smile,

“Huh?” Zhou Yunbo was somewhat puzzled. Not only Zhou Yunbo, but Zhou Yunjie and Su Jin also looked at Chen Meng’er with puzzled expressions. “Then, Little Miss, won’t you lose a large amount of money?”

“Who said I’m going to lose money?” Chen Meng’er’s smile was very mysterious.

“Then?” Zhou Yunbo was even more confused.

“The contracts that you took out were the ones I gave you before, right?”

“Yes,” Zhou Yunbo replied. Zhou Yunjie and Su Jin also nodded.

“The contracts that I gave you were drawn up by me personally. Ordinary people wouldn’t find anything wrong with them,” said Chen Meng’er.

“The lawyers of those companies have all seen the contract. Not a single one of them said that there was a problem.” Zhou Yunbo was still confused.

“If they see that there’s a problem, they won’t sign it.” Chen Meng’er gave Zhou Yunbo an incredulous look.

“Yes,” Zhou Yunbo replied blankly.

“Su Jin, go tell the higher-ups of the Kennedy group that we want to withdraw our capital. Tomorrow, we will bring the contract to their headquarters,” Chen Meng’er turned her head and said to Su Jin.

“Yes,” Su Jin replied. She thought for a moment and asked, “You won’t be going there personally tomorrow, right?”

“Yes, since Master Kennedy has given me such a big gift, why can’t I give him a big gift in return? It’s only fair to return the favor,” Chen Meng’er replied.

For some reason, after listening to Chen Meng’er’s words, Zhou Yunbo began to sympathize with Master Kennedy. He was done for.

* * *

“Python, I think we should cut ties before they get anything out of us.” In order to prevent the existence of spies, Master Kennedy brought the Python and locked him in his study. They were discussing how to deal with Chen Meng’er. Master Kennedy made a throat-slicing gesture.

“Are we to hire more men?” The Python was still calm.

However, his heart had changed. When he went back yesterday, he asked his men to search for Chen Meng’er’s information in detail. He brought over all the information that he could find. When he looked at Chen Meng’er’s information carefully for the first time, he realized that her information had been changed.

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Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich


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