Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Think That Olivia Plath Got Implants

On Welcome to Plathville, Olivia Plath has never wanted to be confined by rules or boundaries, and fans are wondering if she went under the knife to change her body. She has unapologetically stayed true to herself, and has remained committed to pushing herself to constantly grow and evolve. Olivia has changed a lot throughout the seasons, which has led to praise, as well as criticism.

Growing up in a strong conservative Christian household meant that there were expectations in terms of how Olivia was expected to live her life. Since getting married and moving out, she has been on a journey of self-discovery. She wants to shatter any preconceived notions about who she is and what she should do. It hasn’t been easy, and the young reality star has admitted that there have been a lot of mental blocks that she has had to work through. She has been gaining confidence in herself, little by little. However, while she was growing up, the people around her made her feel like loving her body was a sign of vanity.


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Gaining confidence has meant moving out of her comfort zone. Olivia is learning to value herself mentally, emotionally, and physically. She has gone through quite a transformation since the start of Welcome to Plathville. She got a tattoo, pierced her nose, learned to pole dance, went out to a bar with friends, and visited a strip club. These are all things that she grew up believing had shameful connotations. Olivia is proud of the progress she has made, as she's deconstructing those beliefs and becoming a more liberated person. There is no doubt that she has changed, and fans are taking notice. Fast-Disaster-7277 started a thread on Reddit, and feels that Olivia's appearance has changed. She wrote, “Did Olivia get new boobs? I guess that’s okay, but an old car is not?” Olivia has been posting photos recently that some WTP viewers think hint at a possible breast augmentation. Check out one of her recent Instagram posts below:

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Since Welcome to Plathville started, Olivia has slowly been changing her appearance, often in subtle ways. It may be true that blondes have more fun, but she said that she has always wanted to be a redhead. She was excited to try out a brand new hair color. Olivia has also been developing more of a signature personal style, trading in her modest dresses for chic and fashionable outfits. Reddit user, seche314 commented on the thread, "She’s been wearing more revealing clothing lately which makes me think she got implants and is wanting to show off now." It is unknown if Olivia has gotten implants, and she may simply be feeling more comfortable in her own skin.

Olivia has experienced a lot of change during Welcome to Plathville season 4. Not all of it has been for the better, as she has had to navigate her strained marriage with Ethan Plath, and the relationships with other people who are close to her. However, she has come a long way, as she is adjusting to living life away from strict rules and judgmental opinions, She's learning to stand up for herself, no matter what.