Why RHOBH Fans Are Over Lisa Rinna's Constant Apologies

Lisa Rinna is using "grief" as her excuse for her recent antics, but The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans aren't buying it. Lisa has been among the RHOBH cast members under fire for actions deemed racially insensitive. A few preview clips helped take the heat off Lisa and onto Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and Erika Jayne. However, fans haven't forgotten about the stunt Lisa pulled last week that riled up fans and another franchise. Lisa brought the heat on herself after including The Real Housewives of Dubai cast in a shady post aimed at RHOBH's only Black housewife, Garcelle Beauvais.


Fans have labeled Lisa a racist and attention seeker, willing to offend whoever she can to secure her spot on the show. Last week, Lisa sent out a few Instagram Story posts defending RHOBH's predominantly white cast from feuding with Garcelle. Lisa shut down critics who find it racist when the show's only Black housewife appears like she's being targeted or singled out by her co-stars. Lisa blasted the "ho*s" and "pu**ies" who are offended by the show and encouraged them to go and watch RHODubai if they feel so strongly about the alleged discrimination. With the new franchise including a cast of predominantly women of color, many took Lisa's shady posts as a microaggression against the housewives of color.

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In the wake of the backlash Lisa received for attacking the RHODubai cast, Lisa took to Instagram to offer a vague apology while noting the grief she feels over the loss of her mother, Lois. "I'm sorry if I raged on you, about you," Lisa wrote in a lengthy comment captured by Reddit user u/Inevitable_Pack6694. "It really has nothing to do with you," she added. Lisa went on to share how much she is "struggling" with "grief" after losing her mother last November. Nonetheless, fans were quick to blast Lisa's apology they see as a form of "back-pedaling" away from her poor behavior. The screenshots in the post included a comment from one fan who called Lisa out about her back-pedaling. "I don't want to see you on this show," they wrote. Lisa, who is trying to redeem herself, responded by telling the fan to be more understanding that she has to grieve on a "public forum."

Lisa Rinna in a red low cut dress sitting talking to the camera in Real Housewives.

But others noted how Lisa is not "forced" to post any of the controversial things she does that offends many. One Redditor likened Lisa to The Real Housewives of New York City alum Dorinda Medley saying the two Bravo stars "use grief as an excuse to viciously attack unprovoked." Others assumed Lisa might've changed her tune after having an "emergency meeting" with Bravo. With Lisa attacking another franchise and offending their newest stars, the veteran housewife might've had to speak to some higher-ups about her latest online antics. Weeks prior to Lisa shading the Dubai cast, she got involved in a social media feud with someone who accused her of orchestrating a failed plot against Kathy Hilton,  RHOBH's "friend of."

Lisa has done more on social media than she has in RHOBH season 12. In the last few episodes, Lisa has gotten little to no camera time. Fans think she's making desperate attempts to save herself from being demoted or removed next season. If Lisa thought feuding with Garcelle and the RHODubai cast was a smart move, she was sadly mistaken. Her attention grab attempt turned into a diversity crisis Lisa wasn't expecting. Better luck next time.