What Are Spotify Presale Codes And How Can You Get One?

Music lovers and concertgoers who are dedicated followers of bands and artists often clamor for presale codes to get good seats at their shows, and there's a Spotify feature that gifts users precisely that. Being able to get first dibs to premium concert events and other perks exclusive to their beloved musical acts is a privilege for any loyal fan. The fact that Spotify provides this avenue as a means for fans to gain an upper hand only increases the platform's status as an all-in-one music streaming service.

Spotify has an arsenal of incredibly useful features that make it one of the most popular audio-playing apps in both Google Play and the App Store. Podcasts are a lot easier to get through thanks to an added speed control button that appears on the Spotify playback bar whenever users play an episode. Users who like to listen to audio content to help themselves fall asleep can also utilize the player's built-in sleep timer function to ensure that playback ends at a specified time. Being able to receive valuable presale codes to their most listened-to Spotify artists' shows is not just a feature highly coveted by lovers of live music, but one that ensures a boost in music streaming on the platform.


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A presale code is a string of characters — usually, a word that's significant to a particular artist or their following, often followed by a number or the year of the show in question — that unlocks a portion of the concert tickets' purchase page that is otherwise inaccessible before they officially go on sale to the public. It is a way for super fans to essentially buy tickets and gain access to live shows before casual followers are able to nab theirs. Spotify sends out what are called 'Fan First' emails to users who are top fans of a musical artist or band, based on their listening activity and streaming frequency. Those who follow the artist's official Spotify page can receive these messages as well. Users will have to opt into the feature to begin receiving 'Fan First' emails and ensure that Spotify has the user's most up-to-date email address associated with their accounts.

How To Enable Spotify’s ‘Fan First’ Emails

Spotify Desktop Notifications page

To make sure that the ability to receive presale codes via email is turned on, users need to go to their Spotify account page's notification settings. If the user is accessing Spotify through a desktop computer, open a web browser and go to Spotify's account page and log in. Go to 'Notification settings' and under 'Spotify Updates,' check the boxes next to 'Spotify News and Offers.' Do the same for 'Artist Updates' under 'Your Music.' Users can opt to receive emails, a push notification on their mobile devices where Spotify is installed, or both. Hit the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page to finalize the change. A green 'Notifications saved' message should appear on top of the page.

To enable the feature on a mobile device, launch the Spotify app and hit 'Settings' (gear icon) in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap 'Notifications' and select both 'Spotify News and Offers' and 'Artist Updates' to start receiving access to special features such as news, promos, events, and other updates related to music artists the user follows or listens the most to. Switch either the 'Push' or 'Email' toggle (or both) to the on position for both notification types.

Those who receive Spotify's 'Fan First' emails may not only gain access to presale tickets for upcoming concerts, but also invites to special artist events and access to exclusive artist merchandise that may not be available through other means. It is important to note, however, that only the ticketing companies can actually assist with issues such as malfunctioning presale codes, cancellation and refunds, and shipping inquiries. Spotify doesn't directly handle purchasing for presale tickets or exclusive merch offers, so getting in touch with the concert promoters or the company selling the tickets or artist merchandise may be necessary in case of any issues.