Welcome To Plathville: Why Fans Think Kim's Cringey Dance Studio Is Fake

Even though Welcome to Plathville star Kim Plath loves to dance, many of her followers feel that her dance studio may be fake. The mother of nine came back onto the reality TV scene with a whole new look, which made fans do double takes. Now, she is branching out with a business of her own, but is it real?

Love her or hate her, Kim has always been a polarizing cast member on Welcome to Plathville, mainly due to her manipulative ways. The controversial reality star and her estranged husband Barry Plath decided to raise their children with ultra-conservative rules that included modest attire and sugar avoidance. Over the years, Kim has really come down hard on her older children. However, in a turn of events that is possibly linked with a midlife crisis, the Plath matriarch now seems to be singing a different tune. Currently, Kim is interested in starting over, by making dramatic lifestyle changes.


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Welcome to Plathville season 4 has shown Kim in a whole new light. Viewers were shocked to learn that during her hiatus from TV, she decided to open her own dance studio in Cairo, GA. Almost immediately, fans started to discuss whether or not the studio was reputable, or just a hangout spot for Kim, so she could escape her failing marriage. The series' viewers are speculating that Kim may have come up with the allegedly "fake" dance studio concept just to escape her uncomfortable home life. To many, Grady Central Dance Studio looks to be a front.

Kim Plath

The website for Grady Central Dance Studio isn't much to look at, and doesn't even feature Kim as the owner. The studio boasts ballet, belly dancing, and martial art classes. The site doesn't have any class schedules and there is no information about upcoming events. The web page appears to be a collection of stock photos, and there are some facts about classes that don't exactly make sense, as interested customers need to email to get more information about registration. Fans have also been wondering why anyone would pay for dance lessons from a woman who is not exactly a professional dancer.

The always notorious Kim is having a hard Welcome to Plathville season 4, as she and Barry announced that they would be giving up on their 24-year marriage. While Barry tried to reconcile, Kim found it hard to forgive her husband for not meeting her needs. She seems more than happy to move on with her life, and divorce papers have been filed. Even though Kim may be hoping to find solace at her dance studio, which isn't a bad thing, fans still feel that she is not telling the truth about her new business venture.