WARNING: Spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 5

Ms. Marvel episode 5 provided even more information about Kamala’s heritage and may have even teased that the MCU’s newest hero could be immortal. Ms. Marvel’s connection to her family history is one of the many things that the Disney+ series has changed from the comics. The biggest of these changes is Kamala’s powers, through which her original “embiggening” abilities have been substituted for control of cosmic energy and the capability to create hard light.

The origins of these powers have been equally changed from how they appear in the comics. Ms. Marvel episode 3 revealed that Kamala is descended from a group called the ClanDestines, or Djinn – beings from the Noor dimension who possess superhuman abilities. The leader of this group, Najma, explained that Kamala’s Noor powers were unlocked by her bangle, potentially suggesting that Ms. Marvel shares more connections to the ClanDestines and Djinn than the show has yet revealed.


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One such connection could see Kamala inheriting the Djinn’s extended lifespan. Ms. Marvel episode 5 saw Kamala traveling back to 1942 where she witnessed her great-grandmother’s experience of partition. Much like the flashback in episode 3, this time jump showed Najma’s appearance to be much the same as she appears in the present day – demonstrating the Djinn’s extended lifespan, as Kamala addressed during her first meeting with the ClanDestines: “You all look very good for being around in the '40s.” However, despite potentially inheriting the power of long life, this does not make the Djinn immortal.

How Old Ms. Marvel's ClanDestines Are In The MCU

Ms Marvel episode 3 Clandestines

While the ClanDestines can seemingly live for far longer than any average human, invincibility is not a part of their power makeup. This was demonstrated in Ms. Marvel episode 5 with three Djinn deaths – those of Aisha, Najma, and Fariha. The latter two of these deaths came as a result of coming into contact with the Veil, the explosive power of which was enough to kill both characters despite Najma’s sacrifice being used to close the portal to the Noor dimension. Conversely, Aisha dies from Najma’s stab wound, demonstrating that the Djinn are not only vulnerable to huge sources of power but can also be killed in smaller-scale attacks. Dying in such a manner, Aisha’s death shows that while the ClanDestines’ time on Earth may be long, their survival is not guaranteed.

The precise length of time for which the ClanDestines have been banished on Earth has not yet been stated in Ms. Marvel, but the show has given numerous hints to emphasize the extent of the Djinn’s powers to extend their lifespan. Ms. Marvel episode 3 first showed the Djinn in 1942’s British-occupied India, making it clear that Aisha, Najma, and the rest of the banished group have been on Earth since then. Fariha suggests in episode 3 that they may have been around for even longer, as she bemoans Aadam’s childish behavior, “We’ve been around for 100 years, and he picks the stupidest part of humanity to be obsessed with.” Her statement of 100 years could be a simplistic way of rounding up the ClanDestines’ time on Earth, although it may be more specific, pointing to the 1920s or earlier as the time of the group’s arrival.

The potential of an extended lifespan suggests that Ms. Marvel’s MCU future will stretch far beyond her coming appearance in The Marvels. Teaming up with fellow cosmic-powered beings Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau’s Photon, Kamala’s power change will make her a much closer fit to the rest of the Marvel universe. With the reveal of the Djinn’s extended lifespan coming late in the series, it may be the case that Ms. Marvel is still yet to reveal the full extent of Kamala’s abilities.

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