Superman's DCEU Enemy Is the Biggest Problem With His Modern Continuity

One Superman enemy may have a fairly straightforward history in the DCEU, but the enemy's continuity in the comics is another issue. Two characters modeled after General Zod's right-hand woman, Faora-Ul, both seemingly exist in the same space, creating quite the continuity headache.

While Man of Steel considerably raised her profile, Faora's first appearance dates all the way back to the '70s when she appeared in Action Comics. A brutal serial killer on Krypton, Faora was sentenced to exile in the Phantom Zone where she met other Kryptonian criminals like General Zod. While she was a recurring Superman antagonist, she was replaced in Superman '78's movie timeline by a similar character known as Ursa. In DC's Post-Crisis continuity, Ursa was brought in as a full-fledged character while Faora was removed from continuity altogether. In fact, it wasn't until Man of Steel brought her back that Faora finally achieved some prominence decades after being cast aside.


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Faora's movie appearance did her well because merely months after she appeared on the silver screen, the villain found herself returned to comics in the pages of Action Comics #23.2 by Greg Pak and Ken Lashley. Much like how she was presented in Man of Steel, Faora is presented as a Superman villain along with General Zod, and is shown to be one of the evil Kryptonian’s biggest sympathizers. While the new interpretation of Zod would resume his role as a recurring foe, Faora disappeared once more after being briefly featured in a Superman/Wonder Woman arc. Shortly after Faora went missing, Superman encountered a familiar face in the Phantom Zone in Action Comics #984 by Dan Jurgens and Patrick Zircher. But as Superman found out, this was Ursa, who definitively declared herself as "the wife of Zod" and "Mother of his son."

Ursa and Superman DC Comics

Admittedly, the back and forth is a bit confusing, as it seems there are two similar Superman villains who essentially serve the same purpose, occupying the same post-Flashpoint universe. And while it wouldn't be the first time there's been a continuity snafu, it definitely raises the question of why DC can't seem to decide on which version to stick with. Ursa may have won the fight for now, but is Faora waiting in the wings to reclaim her old spot?

In all honesty, it's unlikely that Faora will be reappearing anytime soon because even though the DCEU helped bring her back to the public consciousness, it’s been close to a decade since Man of Steel’s release. Not to mention General Zod has a son with Ursa, which just gives her a bit more relevance than a character whose appearances have been sporadic at best. Maybe it's not fair that Ursa got decades' worth of exposure via film appearances, but Faora wouldn't be the first character to be replaced by a more popular version. While it seems the issue has largely been settled by simply ignoring Faora, there's always a chance, no matter how slim, that the DCEU villain could return to vex Superman sometime in the future.