Superman vs. Cyborg Superman Fight Gets New Dark Crisis Twist

Warning! Spoilers for Dark Crisis #2 by DC Comics

A classic fight between Superman and Cyborg Superman gets an all-new Dark Crisis twist as Jon Kent takes on the villain who originally fought his father. In the current DC Comics event, Cyborg Superman makes a surprise appearance as part of Deathsrtroke's army, as Hank Henshaw battles Superman while unleashing a powerful attack. Cyborg Superman makes things personal, asking Jon Kent if he is willing to die to save lives like his father was.

Cyborg Superman first appeared in the Reign of Superman story following the infamous Death of Superman event at DC Comics. With Superman dead, several characters, including Cyborg Superman, John Henry Irons, The Eradicator, and Superboy (Conner Kent) attempted to step in for the hero, with varying rationales for stepping up in the wake of Kal-El's "death." Hank Henshaw nearly succeeded in pretending to be Superman reborn but would ultimately be exposed for being a villain and be defeated by Superman after he returned - but not before causing severe damage across the DC Universe. Now, Cyborg Superman is back and is taking on Superman's son in a fight.


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In Dark Crisis #2 by Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sanchez, and Tom Napolitano from DC Comics, Deathstroke's attack leaves the Teen Titans in rough shape, as his dark army seemingly kills Beast Boy and is about to murder Nightwing. However, before the bullets hit Dick Grayson, Superman arrives on the scene and deflects the shots away. Unfortunately, Deathstroke anticipates Superman's arrival and calls Cyborg Superman to fight him, as he immediately goes after Jon Kent.

Superman vs Cyborg Superman

Superman and Cyborg Superman deliver massive haymakers in the battle, as Jon Kent grabs Hank Henshaw and sends them both crashing through Titans Tower, destroying the building in the process. In the rubble, a damaged Cyborg Superman tries to say the fight isn't over, but Cyborg arrives and crushes his metal head underneath his feet while delivering the fantastic line, "I'm sick of you giving Cyborgs a bad name." Cyborg and Nightwing help Jon up to his feet, as Dick tells Superman his dad would be proud of what he did.

While the fight between Superman and Cyborg Superman didn't necessarily live up to the hype of some of the villain's classic DC battles against the original Superman, the affair still showed two mega-powered characters battling to the death. Ultimately, Jon Kent prevailed, as smashing Cyborg Superman enough times eventually proved enough to beat him. Kal-El certainly would have been proud to see his son defeat the villain in the face of crisis. Hopefully, when he returns from the "dead," Superman learns about the Dark Crisis defeat and how much Jon has stepped up in his absence.