Spirit Halloween Movie Trailer: Three Kids Take On A Possessed Store

Spirit Halloween: The Movie trailer teases the upcoming family horror film starring Christopher Lloyd and Rachel Leigh Cook. Every year Spirit Halloween stores pop up in abandoned retails spaces across the country. Now the popular seasonal store is getting its own decidedly Halloween-themed tie-in movie.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie comes from Orion Pictures, the re-booted movie studio whose last release was 2017’s Wish Upon. Directed by David Poag from a script by Billie Bates, the movie concerns a group of Halloween-loving middle school kids who get locked in a Spirit Halloween store after hours and begin encountering actual spooks and spirits. Back to the Future legend Lloyd plays one of the movie’s ghostly entities, alongside Cook of She’s All That fame. The movie also stars TV icon Marla Gibbs along with Donovan Colvan, Marissa Reyes, Jaiden J. Smith, Dylan Martin Frankel, and Brad Carter.


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It should come as no surprise whatsoever that Spirit Halloween: The Movie is billed as a family-friendly horror movie, given its tie-in with a reasonably wholesome chain of seasonal stores. Nevertheless, plenty of spooky thrills are to be found in the movie’s new trailer from Strike Back Studios. See the clip in the space below:

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In keeping with the movie’s Halloween theme, the trailer starts right off with a reference to a classic vampire title, the 1985 cult classic Fright Night. The clip then provides a glimpse of Lloyd, the movie’s biggest-name star, whose character’s supernatural origins are briefly teased. The film’s debt to Stranger Things and IT is then indicated as the three main characters are shown riding their bikes to their local Spirit Halloween store. The kids’ plan to get locked inside the store overnight quickly proves to be a bad idea however, as they and a girl who is also stuck in the building begin encountering possessed toys that then require karate-kicking. All this opens the door on a mystery that the kids must solve if they’re going to make it out of the store alive.

The clip certainly makes it plain that this is not a hardcore horror excursion but rather a family-oriented Goosebumps-style supernatural tale. There will no doubt be plenty of much harder and more gore-heavy horror movies to choose from when October rolls around. But it’s also nice to have lighter fare to choose from, for those who want to enjoy a little Halloween fun without having to endure a whole boatload of blood and viscera. Spirit Halloween: The Movie releases on demand on October 11, 2022.