RHOM: Lisa Scolds Lenny For Mocking Their Divorce On Social Media

Lisa Hochstein isn't laughing at Lenny Hochstein's recent joke about their divorce on social media, and The Real Housewives of Miami star is calling him out. Lisa and Lenny have been locked in a bitter divorce after the Miami plastic surgeon filed the petition in May. Since the filing, Lenny has continued to be with his girlfriend, Katharina Mezapa. The 26-year-old Austrian model recently boasted about Lenny traveling to Europe to meet her family.

The budding romance is a huge slap in the face to Lisa, who has been focused on her two young children with Lenny. The exes continue to hurl filings at each other, with Lisa's latest accusing Lenny of forcing her into financial peril. But Lenny claimed it's Lisa who's being difficult and trying to spend all his money amid their divorce. Lisa is still living in the former couple's marital home with their two kids despite Lenny's requests for her to move into a new home that he would pay for. He recently accused her of maxing out his credit card and wiring money out of his account to fund her lavish lifestyle.


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Amid the messy split, Lenny recently made light of his drama-filled love life on social media. Lenny posted a photo standing in front of the Belvedere palace in Austria and shared how the gate inspired the design of his Miami estate. After sharing the photo, Lenny's mother left a comment about her son's weight loss and asked if he was on a "starvation diet," as captured by Bravo and Cocktails. "Having a wife and a girlfriend can be stressful,” Lenny wrote in response. When his mom said she wouldn’t recommend such a scenario to anyone, Lenny clarified it was a joke. “Just a joke mom,” he explained. But after seeing the post, Lisa scolded her ex-husband for mocking their family drama on social media. “Impressive that you find humor in this very sad time in our family’s lives,” Lisa quipped.

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It's the latest sign of how tense things are between Lisa and Lenny amid their divorce. Leading up to his filing, the pair fueled divorce rumors following a nightclub showdown between Lisa, Lenny and Katharina. Lisa reportedly brought Larsa Pippen along to confront Lenny and Katharina at Gala nightclub. Witnesses claimed that Lisa was seen getting into Katharina's face and, at one point, a glass was thrown. At the time, Lenny denied the divorce rumors. But in the weeks that followed, he confirmed their split and claimed they had been separated for months before the filing.

Lisa claimed otherwise and said she was blindsided by his divorce filing. RHOM viewers got an inside look into the demise of Lisa and Lenny's marriage. Many viewers called out Lenny's season 4 behavior and accused him of showing clear signs of wanting out of the marriage. Lisa became emotional when revealing his past emotional affair during the time they struggled to start a family. Now she'll have to kick off The Real Housewives of Miami season 5 by coming to terms with her divorce.