Pokémon GO: Joltik Spotlight Hour Guide

Joltik, the Attaching Bug Pokémon, will be appearing in a Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour this month. In Spotlight Hours, Joltik's spawn rate will be drastically increased, and unfortunately, Joltik is not able to be found as a shiny. But players can still opt to catch as many as possible in the hopes of evolving a powerful one. Joltik is the third of five Spotlight Hour Pokémon in Pokémon GO during the month of August, appearing more often on Tuesday, August 16th, from 6-7 PM local time.

Joltik only evolves once into Galvantula and requires 50 candies for the process. Trainers who simply want to fill out another Pokédex slot don't need to catch as many Joltiks as they would during other Spotlight hours. When looking for a quick evolution, trainers should make sure to be stocked up on enough Poké Balls and Pinap Berries. When searching for a high-CP Joltik, Razz Berries will help catch the Pokémon more easily. To gain more Poké Balls fast, players can use the Daily Adventure Incense option in Pokémon GO, a new feature that allows trainers to claim Poké Balls for free if they have less than 30 in total.


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Spotlight Hour events come with individual bonuses unique to that day. For the Joltik Spotlight Hour, trainers can expect to receive 2x Candy for successful catches. This perk can be utilized outside of just Joltik, as this hour can be an excellent opportunity to stock up on candies for other Pokémon. For example, players aiming for a Galvantula, catching 9 Joltik during this period, will give enough candy for one evolution.

How To Counter Joltik in Pokémon GO

Joltik is a Bug- and Electric-type Pokémon and evolves easily into Galvantula, with the same typing, using 50 candies. Galvantula is weak to only Fire- and Rock-type moves and resists Fighting-, Steel-, Grass-, and Electric-type attacks. A resistance to Steel-types does well against this month's Raid Hour Battles in Pokémon GO and provides good coverage options for Pokémon GO Battle League matches.

If players want a Galvantula with both a Bug-type and an Electric-type move, the best moveset is the fast move Volt Switch and the charged move Bug Buzz. As an Electric-type attack, Volt Switch will be super-effective against Water- and Flying-types. Bug Buzz, a Bug-type attack, will also be super-effective against Psychic-, Dark-, and Grass-types. Trainers can also opt to switch out Volt Switch for Fury Cutter, another Bug-type attack. Pokémon GO's Team Rocket Leader Sierra can be seen with many Pokémon weak to Electric-type attacks, and using Galvantula as a counter to Sierra in Pokémon GO will enable players to defeat her.