New Trailer For Indonesian Film Preman: Silent Fury Revealed [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant is proud to exclusively present the trailer for the upcoming film Preman: Silent Fury, which will premiere exclusively on the streaming service Hi-YAH! August 5 before heading to Blu-ray, digital & DVD on September 27. The Indonesian action thriller, distributed by Well Go USA, follows a deaf gangster who must fight his way out of his small village - and must fight the demons of his traumatic past in the process - after his son is witness to a terrible murder.

Preman: Silent Fury marks writer-director Randolph Zaini’s feature film debut. It stars Khiva Iskak as Sandi the Preman (meaning a member of the Indonesian crime syndicate) who must turn against his crew and take on former allies in order to protect his son. Other actors in the ensemble cast include Muzakki Ramdhan, Kiki Narendra, Salvita De Corte Putri Ayudya, Egi Fedly, Gilbert Pattiruhu, Paul Agusta, and Emil Kusumo.


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In Screen Rant's exclusive look at the Preman: Silent Fury trailer below, the stakes can clearly be seen as our antihero Sandi faces off against a crowd of gangsters. His kind heart can also be seen as he comforts his son, but the main focus is on the incredible action and fight sequences that audiences will be able to enjoy when they watch the film. Catch the trailer below:

(Watch the full trailer on YouTube.)

Well Go USA Entertainment is the leading international and indie film distributor, and it is releasing Preman: The Silent Fury through the digital distribution app Hi-YAH!. This new service, which is now available as a mobile app as well as accessible on a browser, contains hundreds of hours of martial arts-themed and Asian action programming.

Preman: Silent Fury's poster further emphasizes the impossible odds, with Sandi's back to the viewer as he faces a menacing group of over a dozen opponents. How well he fares, and whether he makes it out of the village with his son safe and sound, remains to be seen when the movie releases on August 5.

Preman Silent Fury Key Art

Other recent Well Go releases include the IP Man franchise and Peninsula, the standalone sequel to hit Korean zombie film Train To Busan, as well as Ukranian wartime drama Sniper: The White Raven. They will also be distributing two new Korean action films with incredible star power, Emergency Declaration and Alienoid. Preman: Silent Fury has a runtime of approximately 91 minutes and is not yet rated.

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Preman: Silent Fury debuts on the streaming service Hi-YAH! on August 5 and then hits Blu-ray, digital & DVD September 27.

Source: Hi-YAH!

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