Nathan Fielder's The Rehearsal Trailer Reveals Its Hilarious Premise

A new trailer for Nathan Fielder's The Rehearsal shows the hilarious premise featured in the series. A more cryptic teaser trailer for The Rehearsal was released in June but didn't reveal much of the show's plot. Fielder is known for his brand of cringe-filled comedy, as evidenced by his Comedy Central show, Nathan For You, in which he gives unusual advice to help everyday people with their problems.

Now Fielder posts a trailer for The Rehearsal on Twitter. The trailer shows Fielder conversing with someone, commenting that the conversation is going well, and then revealing that he previously rehearsed that conversation dozens of times. Fielder then offers this service to rehearse part of one's life to various people. Towards the end of the trailer, it shows some enjoying this rehearsal process, while others find that it leads to disaster. The full trailer for The Rehearsal can be viewed below:


Guess what? Here is the trailer for my new show The Rehearsal

— nathan fielder (@nathanfielder) July 6, 2022

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The trailer offers a promising new series that fans of Fielder are sure to enjoy and that newcomers to his brand of comedy may find at the very least intriguing from its original premise. Fielder is taking the urge to redo parts of one's life and heightening it to a point where comedy, absurdity, and chaos will coincide amongst real people in this experiment. Viewers will have to continue following whether more details of The Rehearsal come to light ahead of its premiere on HBO on July 15.