A dark comedy as timely as Not Okay, which is currently available to stream on Hulu, is always something to celebrate. From the mind of writer and director Quinn Shephard, the film stars Zoey Deutch and Dylan O'Brien, who have already gifted fans a previous team-up this year with The Outfit. This time around, they play social media influencers whose obsession with online clout may be disengaging them from the offline world.

Not Okay's central character is Danni Sanders (Deutch), a photo editor for Depravity who badly wants to become a writer but is stymied by her boss' lack of faith in her abilities. After photoshopping her attendance at a fake writers' retreat in Paris to impress both said both and her crush Colin (O'Brien), Danni finds herself in a jam when a real-life terror attack happens at her pretend location. While she digs a deeper hole for herself, her coworker Harper (Nadia Alexander, Tankhouse) stars digging for the truth.


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Screen Rant spoke to Alexander about how similar she is to her Not Okay character, how perfect Zoey Deutch is as a villain protagonist, and what her worst screen name ever was.

Screen Rant: You should be so proud. This movie is really awesome. I really, really loved it.

Nadia Alexander: Thank you.

Who is Harper, and what do you love about playing this character?

Nadia Alexander: Harper is an investigative journalist who works at Depravity, which is a mashup of every online magazine you've ever heard of. What I loved about her is that I was very fortunate, in that the writer and director Quinn Shephard wrote the role for me; with me in mind. Therefore, she crafted the character around a lot of my own personality, and how I would react if I was working with somebody that I didn't like who maybe went to Paris, but maybe didn't.

I think getting to play out that version of, “If Nadia worked at a magazine and had this situation happen, how would she react?” That was really fun for me.

It is interesting, because we're in Danni's perspective in this. Harper is her villain, but when you're watching it and you're like, "well, Harper's right."

Nadia Alexander: Yeah, exactly. I think that's what's so brilliant, because Danni is the protagonist, Harper is the antagonist. Harper is her villain, but Danni's the bad guy and Harper is right. I think that's what's so fun.

But interestingly, there have been people who have told me, "I was so mad at Harper! I was so mad at her for messing up." And I was like, "Ma'am! Sir!"

That might just be the Zoey Deutch effect. You can't help it.

Nadia Alexander: I mean, that's the thing. She was the perfect person to play it, because you needed Danni to have a human aspect so that you can relate to her. That's important for the film, I think.

I liked Colin's Instagram handle, WeedBoiiColin, which sent me to a wormhole my own best and worst screen names. Did you have one that just pops out to you where you're like, "I can't believe that was my screen name?"

Nadia Alexander: Yes, I did. I will not say which @, because it's still a live email, but it's ActressDiva. I made it when I was 10. It's horrible. But it was also around the time this website was even created, so it's not like ActressDiva1. Maybe a number would make it less cringe, but ActressDiva! I was just like, "What is wrong with me?" I was 10, but I'm still mad at myself.

Are you an actress diva?

Nadia Alexander: I guess I must be an actress and a diva.

Danni has this comfort song, which is an Avril Lavigne song. What is your comfort song?

Nadia Alexander: Oh, man. It changes constantly. I really like sad boy music, so anything that Sufjan Stevens has, Damien Rice, or Keaton Henson. But the first thing that came to mind was "Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice, which I've been listening to since I was about around the time I made ActressDiva.

Did you talk to Quinn about what articles Harper has written?

Nadia Alexander: Well, we knew about the RBG piece, which was in the script. I don't know if we ever actually dived that deep into what all she does. I think we were just like, "general feminist, queer stuff." We really did our research, our homework, if you will.

Not Okay Synopsis

Danni and Rowan in support group in Not Okay

A misguided young woman who is desperate for friends and fame fakes a trip to Paris to update her social media presence. A terrifying incident takes place in the real world, which becomes a part of the imaginary trip and offers all she wants.

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