MultiVersus Director Teases Hitbox Overhaul & Finn Nerf

Tony Huynh, the director of MultiVersus, has teased an upcoming overhaul of the game's hotbox system and a potential nerf for Finn from Adventure Time. The crossover fighting game pulls together characters from various Warner Bros. properties like DC Comics, Game of Thrones and Looney Tunes for intense combat. Despite the recent delay of MultiVersus Season 1, developer Player First Games apparently has plans to improve the title in the near future.

Following its soft launch on July 26, MultiVersus will continue to receive support as a free-to-play live-service title. New characters will expand the crossover epic's playable roster over time, ensuring that there are always new Warner Bros. icons to unlock and master. MultiVersus already includes fighters like Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny and Steven Universe, and Player First Games has revealed that Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith from Rick and Morty will soon be introduced too. Ongoing updates will also help maintain the fighting game's balance, ensuring that new characters never dominate the competition. Player First Games recently revealed an upcoming buff for Wonder Woman in MultiVersus, and even more balance changes are apparently in the works.


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MultiVersus director Tony Huynh (via Twitter) recently teased multiple balance changes coming to the multiversal Warner Bros. brawl. Fellow Twitter user Sham suggested a nerf for Adventure Time's Finn the Human, explaining that the adventurer's high move priority lets him easily overwhelm slower characters like The Iron Giant. Huynh confirmed that Player First Games is looking into some changes for Finn, but he also revealed that a big overhaul for MultiVersus' hitbox system is in the works. This update will presumably improve hitboxes across the board, allowing players to more accurately deal or avoid damage.

MultiVersus Will Be Supported With Balance Updates

We’ll be looking at Finn in sections, we are working on a big overhaul of our hitbox/hurtbox system so don’t want too many moving parts

— Tony Huynh (@Tony_Huynh) August 5, 2022

Despite some concern from fans, it seems that the ongoing Warner Bros. and Discovery merger will not affect the ongoing development of MultiVersus. The entire game runs on Warner Bros. properties, causing some players to speculate that the Discovery merger was responsible for the delay of MultiVersus Season 1. However, director Tony Huynh recently took to Twitter to explain that this merger has not affected development of the massive crossover fighting game at all. This bodes well for the live-service title's future and the potential for extensive post-launch content.

MultiVersus has had a very successful launch, and Player First Games' commitment to supporting the fighting game will help grow the playerbase over time. Hitboxes are an essential part of any fighting game, and MultiVersus will apparently change its system to create an even more balanced experience. Finn the Human will also receive a nerf, making the Adventure Time hero less of a nightmare to face in combat.