Marvel's Avengers Stream Accidentally Confirms She-Hulk Is Coming

A recent Marvel’s Avengers livestream may have just revealed that She-Hulk could be the next playable DLC character. Even after its troubled release in 2020, developer Crystal Dynamics continues to add new heroes to the Marvel’s Avengers line-up, with past expansions bringing in Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, Black Panther, and even Spider-Man as a PlayStation exclusive. The most recent DLC character to come to Marvel’s Avengers was Jane Foster, aka The Mighty Thor, who lends her divine lightning powers to the battle against AIM just as her MCU counterpart is lighting up the silver screen in the recently released Thor: Love and Thunder.


She won’t be the last Avenger to join Crystal Dynamic’s comic-based team-action title either, as there have been plenty of leaks and rumors surrounding the future of Marvel’s Avengers and its ever-growing roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. While there have been hints that Captain Marvel could be the next Marvel’s Avengers DLC character, other signs have pointed to heroes like The Winter Solider and She-Hulk being set to emerge in the gaming world created by Crystal Dynamics. The former would be especially timely considering the upcoming She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series, and Cyberpunk 2077 actress Krizia Bajos once let it slip on social media that she could be lending her voice to She-Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers - though she deleted this potential leak almost as quickly as she posted it.

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History seems to have repeated itself, as Twitch streamer and actor Techniq might have accidentally confirmed that She-Hulk is coming to Marvel’s Avengers in a livestream with Crystal Dynamics lead designer Brian Waggoner. In a clip shared by Twitter user and video game rumor hunter Miller, Techniq lets it slip that his acting coach is also the voice of Marvel’s Avengers’ She-Hulk - though he refrains from naming them due to not being sure if She-Hulk’s presence in the game is public knowledge yet. Brain Waggoner is then quick to point out that She-Hulk hasn’t been confirmed for Marvel’s Avengers yet, looking visibly uncomfortable as he explains that his team is currently celebrating the release of Jane Foster and there will be a time to formally announce the next Marvel’s Avengers character later.

Whoops! This happened on the official Xbox Twitch channel today.

— Miller (@mmmmmmmmiller) July 5, 2022

The future of Marvel’s Avengers has been put into question in recent months due to Embracer Group acquiring developer Crystal Dynamics back in May - which in turn leaves the decision to continue adding new content or develop a sequel in the hands of Disney once the deal finalizes. Additionally, a Marvel’s Avengers developer revealed that the team has no official long-term roadmap for future DLC, and is instead putting its priorities on shorter-term improvements and new DLC alternate costumes pulled from the classic Marvel comics and MCU films - such as Thor’s recently rumored Crown Of Surtur outfit from Thor: Ragnarök.

Whatever the future may hold for Marvel’s Avengers, it seems that Crystal Dynamics still has a few more heroes to bring into the game’s still-expanding playable roster - though it likely wasn’t ready to unveil its plans for She-Hulk when Techniq seemingly revealed that the green-skinned heroine would be coming to the game during a standard livestream chat. It still isn’t clear when She-Hulk is set to arrive in Marvel’s Avengers or who exactly is voicing her, but it looks like the proverbial cat could be out of the bag, much to Crystal Dynamics’ dismay.