FBoy Island: Why Niko Will Probably Replace Tom In Season 2 Finale

On FBoy Island, it is quite an understatement to say that things are beginning to heat up towards the final episode of the reality show's season 2. The finale is expected to bring several twists, such as Niko Pilalis replacing Tom Carnifax. The two guys started the show, and along the line, Niko was sent to the "Nice Guy Grotto." In the last episode, Niko just might be set to make a comeback to FBoy Island, and shake things up. Tamaris Sepulveda chose Tom and Casey Johnson as her finalists, both of whom happen to be "Nice Guys."

Between the both of them, it's very much apparent to the viewers that Tom is way behind Casey, who is a returnee to the show. He lost out in Fboy Island season 1. Niko will likely be replacing Tom instead of Casey, whom Tamaris is attracted to. While anything can happen, there are good reasons to believe that this type of twist may play out on the player-infested series.


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There has been a lot of speculation from the show's fans about possible twists and turns that may come to pass when the series counts down to its season 2 finale. The door for the "Niko replacement of Tom" twist was swung wide open by Nikki Glaser, who hosts the show. She brought up the men, and Tamaris asked about Niko, whom she sent to the Grotto. According to CheatSheet, the series' viewers still believe that Niko will be back to try to steal Tamaris' heart and win the prize money with her. However, some fans speculate that Niko's return to FBoy Island might not change much for Tamaris.

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Tom has been described as a control freak with anger issues, although technically a "Nice Guy." Some fans believe that he is living in a fantasy world, where he thinks he is a Nice Guy, and is oblivious to his character flaws. His red flags are not lost on Tamaris, who may change her option with Niko and eliminate Tom. On the other hand, Niko is a fan favorite, although he was sent to the Grotto. There has definitely been a lot of speculation about his future on the show. With his name being dropped, and Tamaris asking after him, viewers are almost certain that there will be a twist involving him in the near future.

The Fboy Island cast selection has been quite diverse, with some of the guys blurring the lines between "Nice Guys" and "FBoys." Suffice it to say that viewers are expecting twists as they prepare for the season 2 finale, just as they did when season 1 was wrapping up. The possibly twist discussed today just might be one of them. Will Tamaris replace Tom with Niko in the end? Only time will tell.