Prey has finally arrived on Hulu, but what is known about Prey 2 currently? Helmed by director Dan Trachtenberg, Prey carries both Comanche and English language tracks and acts as a prequel taking place well ahead of the other films in the Predator series with its setting in 1719. Prey also keeps its dialogue relatively light, focusing its attention on its heart-racing, Earth-bound stakes.

Prey's heroine is Naru (Amber Midthunder), a young Comanche woman who aspires to become a hunter. Naru and her people soon come to realize that there is another powerful presence in the forest that poses a far greater danger than the bears and wolves they usually hunt. Determined to protect her people, Naru comes to discover the Predator is not of this world.


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While returning to its familiar jungle setting, Prey presents a new re-invigoration of the Predator series, and even of the Predator itself, and it has earned widespread acclaim upon its debut on Hulu. With a franchise that has lasted as long as Predator has, the new life Prey has given it begs the question of where Prey 2 could take the story. Here's everything that is known about Prey 2.

Is Prey 2 Happening?

Prey Predator Weapon

Prey 2 has not yet been officially greenlit. However, Trachtenberg has spoken of his enthusiasm for further Predator movies and teased ideas of where he’d like to take the franchise. Prey’s very strong reception also makes a follow-up look even more likely, so it seems like an exceedingly good bet to expect Prey 2 to happen.

Prey 2 Release Date Prediction

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With the response to Prey being so strong, 20th Century Studios and Hulu likely will not waste much time in getting its follow-up greenlit. How Prey 2 follows the ending of Prey and the stage of conception Prey 2 is in, will be big factors in how swiftly it can get underway. Viewers can likely expect Prey 2 to arrive on Hulu in either 2024 or 2025.

Prey 2 Story Setup Explained

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Prey 2 does not set up a sequel per se, but the film does conclude in a way to allow its story to progress in different ways. Prey 2 could end up focusing on different characters in a different setting and time period to tell a new story, as past Predator movies have done since the beginning of the series. Alternatively, if Prey 2 is a more direct sequel, Prey's ending credits potentially teasing more Predators could set up the Comanches facing another arriving hunter from the stars. The nature of the Predator franchise gives Prey 2 a lot of room, though it could be the first Predator movie of its kind by having a returning protagonist in Naru.

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When Prey 2 Could Take Place In The Predator Timeline

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Where Prey 2 will fit in the larger Predator franchise depends entirely on when and where it will take place. Prey is the first Predator film to be set before the 20th century, and this could suggest a desire on the part of Trachtenberg to take the Predator franchise more into the past. Whether Prey 2 involves the return of Naru and other Prey characters or a new protagonist, the Predator series could have another prequel, sequel, or something in the middle depending on the specifics of Prey 2’s story and setting.

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