Every Dead by Daylight Killer You Can Romance in Hooked on You

The hilarious Dead by Daylight dating sim spinoff Hooked On You lets players romance some of the game's most bloodthirsty killers. The asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game, which launched back in 2016, casts four players as terrified human survivors while one player becomes a powerful supernatural killer. Since its release developer Behaviour Interactive has added numerous pieces of new content, including Dead by Daylight crossover DLC with franchises like Resident Evil, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween. However, the dating sim Hooked On You may be the scariest addition of all.


Since its release, Dead by Daylight has become most well-known for its collaborations with other spine-chilling horror properties. The asymmetric online experience lets fans hunt their fellow players as iconic killers like Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Michael Meyers, Pinhead, and more. Survivors from other franchises, like Halloween's Laurie Strode, Evil Dead's Ash Williams, and Resident Evil's Leon Kennedy, are also available. However, Dead by Daylight includes a large cast of original killers and survivors too. At launch, the Behaviour Interactive title featured terrifying killers like The Trapper and The Wraith, with more monsters like The Clown and The Oni arriving as post-launch content. Dead by Daylight added The Dredge back in June, with the malevolent abomination disrupting survivors with an aura of intense fear.

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While Dead by Daylight is an intense co-op horror experience, the recently released spinoff Hooked On You is a totally different source of dream. The hilarious title takes players to Murderer's Island and lets them flirt with four of the game's deadly original killers. The choice-driven dating sim may sound like a joke, but Hooked On You is actually a fully-fledged romance simulator lovingly crafted by Behaviour Interactive. The game isn't totally devoid of danger, either, since screwing up a steamy encounter with a Dead by Daylight killer can easily lead to the player's sudden demise.

Hooked On You Lets Players Flirt With Four Terrifying Killers

dead by daylight hooked on you dating sim

The Dead by Daylight dating sim Hooked On You will transform four of the title's most brutal killers into fun-loving beachgoers searching for love. Players will get to flirt with these murderous icons to their heart's content, though saying the wrong thing could lead to a very gruesome death. The title is now available on Steam, allowing PC users to begin the bloody search for companionship. Hooked On You will let players romance four original Dead by Daylight killers:

  • The Trapper, an "apex alpha male" that challenges players with finding "the trapdoor to his heart."
  • The Huntress, a "lovable squirrel-eating lady" who is ready to "let Cupid's hatchet fly."
  • The Wraith, a "quiet, inquisitive, sensitive boy" that embraces the weirdness in anyone.
  • The Spirit, a "literal ghost" who loves horror novels and hates the beach.

While the Dead by Daylight dating sim spinoff may be an unusual idea, Hooked On You certainly gets points for originality and humor. The ruthlessly romantic title lets players court a quartet of attractive killers, creating an intense beach getaway. Hooked On You will let players flirt with The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, and The Spirit, though these relationships might get ugly quick.