Captain America & Wolverine Become One In Marvel's Newest Character

Warning! Spoilers for Avengers Forever #7 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has introduced several new Captain America's from across the Multiverse, including Weapon-America, a deadly new combination hero of Steve Rogers and Wolverine. In Avengers Forever #7, a handful of Steve Rogers variants are put to the test. However, an older version of Captain America combined with Wolverine ends up being one of the most effective heroes leading an attempt to break out of confinement.

The Avengers Forever ongoing series from Marvel Comics has introduced a handful of combination heroes from different parts of the Multiverse. Among those readers have met so far include a version of Tony Stark who became Ant-Man, a Black Panther who combined several Avengers powers into one, and a few versions of Man-Thing with the abilities of some of the greatest heroes on Earth. Now, Deathlok, Ant-Man, and Ghost-Rider are recruiting a Captain America to their Multiversal Avengers' squad, leading them to meet variants of Steve Rogers, including one who became Wolverine in his world.


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In Avengers Forever #7 by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Cam Smith, Guru eFX, and VC's Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, the story focuses on several versions of Steve Rogers mysteriously imprisoned together. From an anti-war variant of the hero to a version of Rogers who is a dog, the unlikely group bands together to break free from containment. Throughout the issue, a hulking presence is teased in the shadows. Eventually, a version of Steve Rogers with a U.S. flag-painted face, Weapon America, a Wolverine-Captain America combination hero, reveals himself. The flag across his face seems to be a reference to the villain Nuke, whose own origins are tied to Wolverine.

Wolverine Captain America Combination Hero

The Wolverine-Captain America combination hero helps his variants navigate a series of tests and barriers, unsheathing his claws for the first time in a while. When they finally reach freedom, a group of different Captain America's, including a gorilla and werewolf version, tell them they can use all the help they can get. It turns out that Weapon-America and the others were in a boot camp to determine whether they were worthy of joining the Multiversal Captain America squad - which they succeeded. The Multiversal Avengers also watched the trials from afar. But instead of adding Weapon America or any of the Steves, they choose to track down a Hulked-out version of Captain America from Earth-49978 to join their army.

Weapon-America makes for one of the more extreme variants of Captain America, as the combination hero proves to be equally menacing and heroic. Considering his powers, it's a surprise the Multiversal Avengers didn't recruit him to their fight, but they believe they need even more firepower than the Wolverine-Captain America hybrid can bring. Avengers Forever #7 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.