Black Phone Blu-ray Release Date Revealed

The Black Phone is coming to Blu-ray, and its release date has been revealed. The Black Phone is directed by Scott Derrickson and was released in theaters on June 24. Its plot is based on the short story “The Black Phone” by Joe Hill, son of acclaimed horror novelist Stephen King. The Black Phone stars Ethan Hawke as a masked child killer named The Grabber, Mason Thames as The Grabber’s victim Finney, as well as Madeline McGraw, Jeremy Davies, E. Roger Mitchell, and James Ransone.

Now, viewers will soon be able to enjoy The Black Phone on Blu-ray DVD per Universal. The official release date for The Black Phone blu-ray is August 16, 2022. With the purchase of The Black Phone on disc or digital, fans will also have the chance to earn points for digital movies through the Universal All-Access Rewards Program.


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The blu-ray disk will come with a number of special features that may entice fans of The Black Phone and director Derrickson. In addition to the main film, the disk will include Derrickson’s short film Shadowprowler as well as a feature-length commentary on The Black Phone from Derrickson himself. Other exclusive bonus features include “Ethan Hawke’s Evil Turn,” which details Hawke’s transformation into The Grabber, “Devil in the Design,” which explores the production design elements that made The Black Phone, and a look at the film’s key behind-the-scenes moments through “Answering the Call: Behind the Scenes of The Black Phone.”