Big Brother 24: Week 5 Head Of Household Results (Spoilers)

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother Season 24

Although most Thursday night live episodes of Big Brother end with the Head of Household (HOH) competition, season 24 has been different, but the live feeds revealed that the week 5 HOH is Michael Bruner. This means that his Festie Bestie, Brittany Hoopes, is also safe for the week. A self-proclaimed superfan, Michael has delighted fans with his old school style of playing Big Brother. He is a huge fan of Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina, the Veto Queen, and impressed viewers by winning the first three Power of Veto competitions.


Michael is a member of the seven-person The Leftovers alliance, along with Brittany, Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor and Matt "Turner" Turner. The Leftovers came together when Kyle realized that there were seven people who were feeling on the outs with their original alliances. All of them came to the conclusion that if they aligned, they could flip the house and take control of the season. They also united in their defense of Taylor, who had been the house target and the victim of microaggressions and bullying from some of the houseguests since the beginning of the season. After Nicole Layog and Daniel Durston attacked Taylor because of a misunderstanding between her and Nicole, The Leftovers had enough, and the alliance was born.

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The Big Brother live feeds revealed that Michael won the HOH competition, keeping Brittany safe as well and ensuring that The Leftovers will continue to reign over the house for another week. Michael winning HOH was essential for his and Brittany's game because they are the only Festie Bestie pair with two members of The Leftovers alliance. Because The Leftovers were formed after the houseguests chose their Festie Besties, they did not strategize for that alliance when they selected their partners. Every other Leftovers pair includes someone who is not in the alliance, which means that the Leftovers member would be kept safe if they were ever next to each other on the Big Brother Chopping Block. However, if Michael and Brittany sat next to each other on eviction night, one of The Leftovers would definitely be evicted. The other Festie Bestie pairings are Monte, Joseph and Terrance; Taylor, Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos; Turner and Jasmine Davis; and Kyle and Daniel.

matt, kyle and taylor on big brother 24

Now that Michael has won HOH, he told Brittany that his plan is to backdoor Daniel. In order to achieve this, first he would nominate Monte, Joseph and Terrance Higgins for eviction as pawns. If Daniel is selected to play in the Power of Veto competition, he wants Monte and Joseph competing against him. He told Brittany that another option is to nominate Turner and Jasmine as pawns because Turner nominated them when he was HOH, though they were also pawns during that week. Either way, this Big Brother strategy is good because, even if Monte, Joseph and Terrance are not saved by the veto, The Leftovers can evict Terrance, who is not in their alliance. The same would apply to Jasmine. However, Michael is worried that Jasmine, who sprained her ankle weeks ago, might not be cleared to play in the veto competition, which would mean that Turner could not play either. Then there would be less people fighting to win against Daniel if he is selected to play by random draw. Michael also told Brittany that he does not want to nominate Alyssa, Indy and their new Festie Bestie Taylor, who joined them after her Festie Bestie Nicole was evicted.

Michael's Big Brother HOH win was not only great for The Leftovers, but it was the ideal scenario for him and Brittany, who realized that they are the only pair from the alliance with two members. In the other pairs, The Leftovers member will act as a pawn, but if Michael and Brittany are ever on the Chopping Block, one of them will definitely be evicted. Michael has proven himself to be a comp beast who wins when his back is against the wall. He is on his way to winning the $750,000 prize.