Big Brother 24 Cast Reveal: 10 Things To Know About The Cast

Big Brother has become a staple of the summer for reality television fans, with season 24's premier set for the night of July 6th. One of the more exciting things to look forward to in the time leading up to a new season is the cast reveal. After a later than usual reveal this year, the sixteen new houseguests have finally been announced.

While they have yet to move into the always chaotic Big Brother house, the houseguests have gone through some introductory interviews to give fans some background on their lives and how they plan to strategize this summer. Some upcoming contestants revealed some intriguing details and fun facts that every viewer should know before starting the new season.


10 An Ex Pageant Star Will Be In The House

Congratulations to Taylor Hale '13 crowned Miss Michigan 2021! Check out our alumni feature on Taylor here #dcdsalumni

— Detroit Country Day (@DCDSchool) August 16, 2021

Reality television cast members often times come from a background in entertainment, or at the least in something where their face or name is in the spotlight. This is true of the upcoming houseguests set to appear on Big Brother, including one houseguest who is a pageant winner.

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Taylor Hale was among the sixteen houseguests announced, and the Michigan native mentioned in her interview that she is involved in the beauty industry. She was modest in describing her accomplishments though, as she did not even mention that she actually won Miss Michigan in 2021.

9 It Features The Oldest Houseguest Since Season 21

Terrance Higgins from season 24 of big brother

A common criticism of Big Brother is the lack of diversity in casting each year. Season 23 made great progress in that area by featuring a racially diverse cast of people from different backgrounds, but diversity of age was not addressed as much. Most contestants tend to be on the younger side, and the lack of older houseguests was becoming a glaring omission.

This season though, the cast will feature two contestants over the age of forty, including the oldest contestant since Cliff Hogg competed on season 21. While he isn't the oldest Big Brother houseguest ever, Terrance Higgins is definitely one of the elder ones. The different perspectives should be interesting to watch unfold in the house.

8 There Is An Elvis Impersonator

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While Austin Butler is the most recent actor to play Elvis Presley, the Big Brother cast may feature the next. Las Vegas native Daniel Durston is actually a professional Elvis impersonator, the perfect gig for someone looking to break into the entertainment industry in Las Vegas.

Elvis, known by his fans as "The King," was the face of performing in Las Vegas during his illustrious music career. Durston helps keep Elvis' name alive by performing his songs while rocking a wardrobe inspired by Presley's iconic and eye-catching style. It's a bit unfortunate that he will have to skip out on the brand new biopic about him, titled Elvis, for now, but coming home with 750,000 dollars wouldn't be a bad trade-off.

7 Someone Will Cover Up Their Past

Nicole Layog from big brother 24

Deceit and cunning behaviors are among the biggest appeals as to why people love Big Brother so much, and the first big fabrication of the season may already be known. Nicole Layog, a native of Florida, is an ex-cop who will not be disclosing her past career with her housemates.

She currently works as a chef but has said in preseason interviews that she will omit her background in law enforcement. This strategy previously worked for season 16 champion Derrick Levasseur, also known as one of the greatest contestants to only appear on one season.

6 Some Are Big On Tik Tok

Kyle Capener from season 24 of big brother

In addition to their being a former pageant winner, one other new houseguest has quite the audience on Tik Tok. Kyle Capener said in pre-game interviews that he is currently unemployed, but he definitely keeps himself occupied with Tik Tok.

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Kyle's TikTok account has gone viral more than once, as he has over half a million followers and 19 million likes across his short videos. He clearly knows how to entertain based on those impressive numbers, so he should be fun to watch on the show's live feeds.

5 An International House

Indy Santos from big brother 24

Considering the show is a global phenomenon with a bunch of international versions of Big Brother, the majority of houseguests on the U.S. version are from the States. There have been some houseguests born internationally, such as season 18's Natalie Negrotti, and season 24 will feature the first-ever Brazilian native

Indy Santos is from São Paolo, Brazil, and will be making history as the first-ever houseguest from the country. Brazil has one of the most popular versions of Big Brother, but with drastically different rules, so it will be interesting to see how Indy adjusts to the American version.

4 A Last Minute Swap

Joseph abdin from big brother 24

Big Brother has had some crossovers with other reality shows, most notably on season 17 when Jeff and Jackie from The Amazing Race joined the game. One near houseguest, Marvin Achi, almost created another crossover event.

Marvin appeared on America's Got Talent earlier this year, showing off his impressive pecs. His audition, which can be viewed on YouTube, advanced him to the next round, and this may be what caused the last-minute change. Almost twelve hours after the cast had initially been announced, Marvin was replaced by Joseph Abdin, pictured above. No reason is certain, but AGT filming occurring during the summer may have forced him to pick between the two shows.

3 Alyssa Knows Alyssa

OMG YES!!!! We always talked about how we are both super fans of the show. 🥹 Keeping the Sarasota & Alyssa name strong 💪🏽 #bb24

— Alyssa Lopez (@lysslopezz) July 5, 2022

On season 23 of Big Brother, seventh-place finisher Alyssa Lopez was a twenty-four-year-old contestant from Sarasota. This season will feature another 24-year-old Alyssa from Sarasota, but a different one. Randomly enough, the two also happen to know each other.

Alyssa's tweet, shown above, shows that she actually knows Alyssa Snider, who will be competing on season 24. It truly is a small world after all, and for anyone who was wondering where Alyssa has been since season 23 concluded, rooting for the new Alyssa this summer would be a safe bet.

2 A Superfan Will Be Playing

Brittany Hoopes from big brother 24

A common topic of discussion each year after the cast is finally revealed is who is a recruit, and who is an applicant. Recruits usually are at least slightly familiar with the show, but superfans usually are those who apply for this show specifically. It isn't clear which category each houseguest falls into just yet, but at least one houseguest is a superfan.

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In her preseason interviews, Brittney Hoopes stated that she has been watching the show since she was ten and has seen every season. As a thirty-two-year-old now, her math checks out and it really does seem she's been a fan since season 1.

1 Another Lawyer

Michael Bruner from big brother 24

Xavier Prather won season 23 by using deception to cover up his real job. A lawyer in the real world, Xavier believed that revealing his profession would put a target on his back, as being persuasive and detail-oriented are key traits of his job.

Michael Bruner will be in a similar dilemma this season. Also a lawyer, Michael will have to weigh if keeping such a big lie for a whole summer is a better alternative to being truthful and not having to worry about covering his tracks. Not mentioning it worked well for Xavier, so that may sway Michael's decision.

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