Batman's New Villain Failsafe Officially Revealed By DC Comics

Warning! Spoilers for Batman #125 by DC Comics

DC Comics has revealed Failsafe, a new Batman villain who is seemingly rising to stop the Dark Knight after he was framed for murder. In Batman #125, Failsafe, a robot described as Batman's Doomsday, is activated after the Penguin implicates the hero for his death. Unfortunately, it appears Failsafe is triggered under the belief Batman has become evil, which will undoubtedly cause problems for him going forward.

Chip Zdarksy and Jorge Jimenez's new run on Batman has begun, as the hero is protecting Gotham City without his considerable fortune. In the debut issue, The Dark Knight learns that the Penguin is killing off millionaires in response to how he was treated once joining the prestigious club himself. However, when Batman goes undercover at a gala and Penguin (Clayface in disguise) attacks, Robin is nearly killed after being shot, leading him directly to the supervillain. Once he finds the villain, the Penguin frames Batman for his own murder, subsequently causing the activation of a robot in the Batcave called Failsafe.


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In Batman #125 by Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Jimenez, Belen Ortega, Tomeu Morey, and Luis Guerrero from DC Comics, the comic opens with a flashback of Alfred Pennyworth inside the Batcave. He is alerted to a beeping noise, which he shuts down via remote. By the issue's end, readers learn what caused the beeping as its revealed Failsafe goes online in the present-day after Penguin frames Batman for murder. Failsafe has an entirely robotic form, with a red glowing chest and wires and cables attached to its body.

While there aren't many details about what Failsafe is or how the robot came to be, it seems like it's a failsafe against Batman should he ever break bad. With the public believing he murdered Penguin, it's possible Failsafe was activated to bring the Dark Knight down. However, the question remains, who created Failsafe and just how deadly is the new Batman villain? Considering Zdarsky has described Failsafe as a "Doomsday-level threat" for Batman, who can match him move-by-move in a fight, it will represent a real threat to the DC Comics hero.

Batman already had enough problems after losing his fortune, watching Tim Drake nearly die, and getting framed for the murder of the Penguin. But, his mission to protect Gotham City is getting even more difficult with Failsafe's reveal. Can he stop the villain he might have had a hand in creating? Failsafe debuts in Batman #125 by DC Comics which is in comic book stores and online retailers now.