Bachelorette Preview Teases Romantic One-On-One Date For Rachel & Aven

A new preview for the next episode of The Bachelorette season 19 teased a romantic one-on-one date for Rachel Recchia and Aven Jones. Aven made a genuine impression on both Gabby and Rachel when he met the women during night one, though it quickly became clear that Aven wished to only pursue Rachel. Aven and Rachel had a conversation by the fireplace on night one, where she later expressed that she wished he had kissed her as she felt their connection was already so good. Aven later went on to receive Rachel's group date rose during the afterparty at SoFi Stadium, which secured him a spot in Rachel's group of men.


Rachel has had three one-on-one dates so far this season, which got off to a rocky start. Rachel's first one-on-one of the season was with racecar driver Jordan Vandergriff, whom she also had a strong connection with on night one after they bonded over the similarities of their occupations. However, the relationship ultimately was not meant to be, and Rachel tearfully sent Jordan home at the end of the night. Rachel had a much more successful one-on-one the next week with Zach Shallcross, where the two bonded over their love for family and planes. Rachel's third one-on-one went to her first impression rose Tino Franco, where the two enjoyed a romantic date in Paris, which ended with Tino receiving a rose.

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In a preview clip from the next episode of The Bachelorette, shared by ET, Rachel and Aven are shown having an important discussion about family during their one-on-one date in Belgium. Rachel starts off the conversation by telling Aven that she has been excited to go on a one-on-one with him for a while and that she was eager to learn more about him and his family. Aven responds by explaining that stability is very important to him and that, while everyone wants a stable relationship with both of their parents, he did not have that for quite some time.

Aven continues to open up about his relationship with his mother, telling The Bachelorette co-lead that the two became very close when he got older as they missed out on time when he was younger. Aven then shows Rachel a bracelet his mom made for him and gives it to Rachel as a gift, saying that he hopes it will help her have a better time than she has been having so far. This is likely referring to the struggles Rachel's had with rejection, being rejected by three men at the second Bachelorette rose ceremony. She is elated to receive the bracelet and admits in a private interview that she could definitely see herself falling in love with Aven.

After receiving both the group date rose and one-on-one, it seems that Aven is quickly becoming a frontrunner in Rachel's group of men. Another contender is Tino, whom Rachel also said that she could herself falling in love with. Rachel also seems to be developing a quick and strong connection with New Jersey native Tyler Norris, who received the group date rose after opening up to Rachel about a past relationship. Nonetheless, fans are certainly excited to see Aven and Rachel's complete one-on-one date in the next episode of The Bachelorette season 19.