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Lu Huaiyu’s phoenix-like eyes narrowed as they spotted a somewhat familiar figure flash past and enter the stables.

He did indeed look like Shi Yang.

“He came to Dutian Racecourse without informing you in advance?” Lu Huaiyu asked.

Shen Li shook her head, feeling a little strange.

“Second Brother, why do you ask?”

Although she was currently in charge of Dutian Racecourse, there were many people who came to watch the races at the Jockey Club, so she could not take care of every single one of them.

Moreover, her relationship with Shi Yang was far from being at that level.

Lu Huaiyu smiled thoughtfully.

“At the Bo Xing auction previously, he raised his paddle to bid for your painting. In addition, he has publicly expressed his appreciation for your paintings more than once. I thought–”

“He did say that, but I don’t really have much contact with him,” Shen Li said. “Master doesn’t like him. Previously, Senior Brother attended a gathering that was held in his honor and ended up being nagged by Master for a long time.”

There was another point: she did not appreciate Shi Yang either.

She did not know why, but she always felt that Shi Yang gave her a sense of distance.

Although Shi Yang was well-known in the industry for his gentle temperament, he was also very popular, well-respected by his peers, and admired by his students.

However, during the few times she had encountered him, it had always seemed like there was an invisible barrier between them.

She did not say these words explicitly, but Lu Huaiyu knew her very well. With just a glance, he quickly understood.

He nodded in understanding.

Shen Li held the reins and turned around.

“Second Brother, Senior Brother will be here soon. Shall we go back?”

Yu Pingchuan liked to keep horses, watch horse races, and bet on horses.

He had long wanted to come to this horse race event.

According to his previous plan, he should be arriving in Hong Kong City this afternoon.


Lu Huaiyu responded. He exerted force on his wrist, and Qingfeng turned around and trotted back.

When they reached the side of the field, Lu Huaiyu dismounted first before reaching his hand out to Shen Li.

Shen Li put her hand into the palm of his hand, and then she tensed her waist as Lu Huaiyu half-carried her off the horse.

Then, Lu Huaiyu held Qingfeng’s hand with one hand, while he held Shen Li’s hand with the other, and walked toward the stables.

When the two of them brought Qingfeng back, they met Shi Yang again.

He was standing in front of a horse stall, sizing up the horses inside.

The horse trainer stood to the side as he carefully described the horses.

“Mr. Shi, this horse has a pure bloodline, and it has performed very well in the previous few races. It looks like a champion, and it is the favorite to win this year.”

Shi Yang listened to him patiently, smiled, and pointed to a horse in the stall next to him.

“What about this one?”

The trainer was stunned.

“This one is not bad either, but it’s still slightly inferior to the one you saw just now.”

In order to express it more directly, he added another sentence.

“This batch is worth 5.8 million, while that one is 4 million.”

Anyone could tell which was better.

However, Shi Yang still said,”Then, I’ll take this one.”

He had chosen the one that cost four million yuan.

The trainer was very surprised. Those who came here to pick horses would naturally hope that their horses could win.

Moreover, with Shi Yang’s status, he was not lacking in money. He would not choose that one just to save some money.

“Mr. Shi, are you sure? This horse’s performance in the previous test was not–”

“This horse is very beautiful. It suits my eyes.”

Shi Yang interrupted him, but it was probably because his tone was still gentle and polite that the trainer merely felt stunned but not uncomfortable.

He carefully looked at the two horses again.

They were both horses that were worth millions and had made the selection into zone one. Although there was a difference, it was not particularly obvious to the naked eye. f𝔯ℯe𝓌ℯ𝐛𝒏𝐨ѵel.c𝚘𝐦

The assistant chuckled.

“Yes! White horses are precious. This one is even more beautiful.”

Only then did the trainer understand: the one he recommended was a brown horse, while the other one Shi Yang had taken a fancy to was a white horse.

It was indeed easier for ordinary people to fall in love with that white horse.

Originally, he had thought that Shi Yang would be quite knowledgeable in this aspect, but he had not expected–

However, he would be the one paying money to buy the horse, after all. As a trainer, he had no right to interfere.

Thus, he immediately smiled and said, “Yes, all horses have some spirituality. Since Mr. Shi took a fancy to this horse at a glance, it also proves that both of you are fated.”

Shi Yang smiled and nodded.

“Yes, that’s it.”

The horse trainer had not expected him to be so straightforward.

“Then… don’t you want to try riding it?”

This white horse’s temperament was relatively docile. There would be no problem in trying to ride it.

Shi Yang said, “There’s no need. This is my choice.”

Hearing him say this, the horse trainer was also very happy.

“Okay, then please follow me.”

They had to go through the follow-up procedure.

Shi Yang responded, and just as he turned around, he heard the horse trainer’s respectful voice.

“Miss Ah Li, Second Master Lu.”

Shi Yang looked up and noticed that Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu were walking toward him.

A smile appeared on Shi Yang’s face.

“I saw the two of you while you were riding just now, so I didn’t go over to disturb you.”

Shen Li glanced at the horse that he had chosen.

“Has Teacher Shi Yang already chosen a horse?”

Shi Yang nodded.

Shen Li raised her hand and pointed.

“There’s a new batch over there, and they’re all pretty good. You should take a look at them.”

“Thank you, but there’s no need,” Shi Yang smiled as he politely declined, “I’ve already chosen one. The most important thing to me is– liking it is the most important thing.”

Shen Li inexplicably felt that his words sounded a little uncomfortable.

This thing…

Horses were intelligent, but from his words, buying a horse seemed to be no different from buying a vase or a cabinet.

However, this feeling also quickly flashed through her mind. After all, this was his business.

She nodded.

“You’re right.”

Considering that she still had to pick up Yu Pingchuan, she said,”I hope you have a good time in Hong Kong City these few days. I still have some matters to settle, so I’ll excuse myself first.”

Shi Yang expressed his understanding. Moreover, he had to go through the procedures to buy a horse, so he bid them farewell.

Both parties separated and walked in different directions.

Yu Pingchuan was staying in the hotel next to Dutian Racecourse this time.

While Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu were in the past, he had already been in the hotel room looking through the schedule of this year’s horse race.

In fact, he had been here many times and was very familiar with these things. However, this year was different: Shen Li was in charge of this year’s horse race event.

However, in just a year, Shen Li’s identity had already undergone a huge change. As a senior brother, he had accompanied Shen Li last year, so naturally, his mood was different.

The doorbell rang, and Yu Pingchuan went over to open the door.

When he saw Shen Li, he immediately smiled.

“Ah Li is here? Come in quickly!”

“Senior Brother, I’m sorry that we’re a little late.”

Shen Li walked in front, followed by Lu Huaiyu.

Yu Pingchuan waved his hand.

“It’s not late, it’s not late! Did you guys just come from the racecourse?”

Shen Li nodded and sat down on the sofa next to him. She said casually,”We met Teacher Shi Yang, so we chatted a little.”

Yu Pingchuan was surprised. “Shi Yang? Why is he here?”

Shen Li found his reaction a little strange. “He came to pick a horse.”

Yu Pingchuan was stunned.

“He’s never seemed to be interested in these things. Why did he suddenly come to buy a horse this time?”

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