Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich Volume 1116

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“I did, but the call didn’t go through.” Master Kennedy’s eldest son was also depressed. He had encountered such a terrible thing early in the morning.

“What? Do you think it’s fake?” Hearing this, Master Kennedy’s emotions calmed down slightly. He tidied up his clothes, put away his walking stick, and sat on the main seat of the meeting room.

“I thought so too. However, the other party said that he will bring the contract to the interview tomorrow.”

“Contract? Interview?” The more Kennedy talked about it, the uglier his face became. “Go get the contract and get the company’s legal team here.”

“Father, do you think there is something wrong with the contract?”

“Yes. Otherwise, why would the other party mention the contract? Besides, if they suddenly withdraw their capital according to the contract, it would be seen as them breaking the contract first. In that case, they would have to pay a huge amount in liquidated damages.” Although Master Kennedy was old and didn’t come to the company anymore, some important matters within the company still had to go through his approval.

“However, before signing this contract, the company’s legal team had carefully studied it. After confirming that there were no problems, we signed it,” Master Kennedy’s eldest son said.

“Listen to me! Why are you talking so much nonsense?” Master Kennedy’s patience was thin.

However, even if Master Kennedy had already suspected that the other party might have tampered with the contract, the company’s legal team had once again carefully studied and examined it. The conclusion they reached was still, there was no problem with this contract.

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This made the doubts in Master Kennedy’s heart grow heavier and heavier.

It was fated that Master Kennedy would have a sleepless night.

* * *

“Master, Miss Kennedy asked me to pass this to you.” Baro felt that the pink envelope in his hand was very heavy.

He regretted going out on a walk.

Now, he was bumped into by Miss Kennedy. She gave him an envelope and left without saying a word. By the time he reacted and wanted to return the envelope, Miss Kennedy had already gotten into her car and disappeared.

He didn’t dare deal with his master’s matters, so he had to bring it back.

“Throw it away,” Yuwen Jing said coldly without even glancing at the envelope.

Coincidentally, Chen Meng’er heard him. “Don’t. This is a girl’s kind gesture. You can’t just waste it like this.”

“Meng’er, don’t misunderstand.” Yuwen Jing was afraid that Chen Meng’er would misunderstand and get angry, so he quickly explained,

“What do I have to misunderstand?” Chen Meng’er walked over and took the pink envelope. She looked at it over and over again, “It’s quite exquisite. I told you that these socialites are different. They even prepare exquisite love letters when chasing someone. Do you mind if I open it and take a look?” She shook it at Yuwen Jing.

“You can handle it however you want,” Yuwen Jing said indifferently.

Chen Meng’er didn’t stand on ceremony and directly opened the envelope.

Baro was speechless. He felt sorry for Miss Kennedy. Why did she like his master? His master only cared about his mistress, Chen Meng’er. Other than his mistress, he didn’t care about anyone.

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“Her handwriting is quite beautiful,” Chen Meng’er said sourly.

“It’s not as good as yours,” Yuwen Jing said smoothly.

Chen Meng’er raised her head and threw a look at Yuwen Jing.

“Yuwen Jing, Miss Kennedy has invited you to have afternoon tea tomorrow. Are you going? Let me see. This place is quite famous. I heard that the afternoon tea here is quite delicious.” Chen Meng’er seemed jealous.

“If you like, I can take you to drink afternoon tea.” Yuwen Jing face full of indulgence looking at Chen Meng’er. “If you do not want to go out, I can personally make afternoon tea for you to drink.”

“You will?”

If she remembered correctly, Yuwen Jing had never entered the kitchen in his entire life.

“My master just learned how to recently,” Allen rushed to answer before Yuwen Jing could answer.

As soon as Allen finished speaking, he received a warning look from Yuwen Jing, which made him realize that he had said too much.

“When did you learn? I’d like to try your cooking.” Chen Meng’er was interested.

“Two days ago.” When Yuwen Jing saw that Chen Meng’er liked sweets, he had the idea of personally making a cake for Chen Meng’er. He asked Allen to invite the world’s most famous baker to teach him how to make a cake.

He had learned something during this period of time.

Originally, Yuwen Jing wanted to give Chen Meng’er a surprise, but after being tormented by Miss Kennedy, his surprise was ruined. “If you like, I can bake anytime. How about tomorrow?”

“Wait until we return. I have to deal with those eyesores. I want to have a good taste of your craftsmanship.”

She didn’t care how good it was. She was touched by his intentions.

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