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“We’re actually all dead…” Leize chuckled. “But you revived Fuxi.”

Fuxi had died in Lu Yun’s stead and was buried in the tomb in the chaos, thoroughly consigned to oblivion. The Fuxi in the hell tomb had also died as well—there would’ve been no yin ghost version of him.

Lu Yun had forced the Tome of Life and Death to resurrect him, and so Fuxi came back to life. Thankfully, there’d been a preliminary version of the world of sequence then, so it didn’t matter that his will of death was no longer present in the tomb.

“Shall I… resurrect you too?” Lu Yun shook his head, trying to digest what he’d just learned. He’d gone toe-to-toe against the will of the Tome of Life and Death when he revived Fuxi. That’d marked the moment when he completely subdued the treasure and turned it into his nascent spirit. Everything that’d happened after that—including him becoming a Nihil World Sovereign on his second visit to the fourth realm—had stemmed from Fuxi’s resurrection.

Leize grinned and declined the offer. “We will reverse death naturally when the opportunity arrives. You ignited a series of unfavorable consequences after resurrecting Fuxi. Wahuang had to take action and block certain presences in the outside realm so that no one would discover what you’d done.

“If I come back to life now, Wahuang and Huaxu combined won’t stop them.”

Lu Yun nodded silently. The four tombs responsible for nurturing the world of sequence were inordinately important. Someone would be keeping an eye on them at all times. While others might rage after he dismantled the Abyssal Tomb and claimed the hell for his own use, that was permitted within the confines of the rules.

If Leize came back to life, that would give enough clues for certain people to derive the truth of the matter. A way to resurrect a heaven-shaking personage such as Leize would certainly entice various heavyweights to barge in without thought of anything else.

In comparison, the Lifeline and Resurrection Talismans were just small scuffles and spats. Insurance for one’s life was a completely different concept from suddenly reviving someone who’d been dead and buried for countless eons.

Since Leize had taken the crystal coffin, everything here was over. The Corpse Refiners had completely and utterly failed. Never could they have imagined that the one buried in the Abyssal Tomb would be the one to dismantle their scheme. Of course, there were very few who knew who the four tomb owners were, so they couldn’t be blamed.

“Senior, can you send me to the other three tombs?” Lu Yun asked.

He wanted to break Fuxi, Wahuang, and Huaxu’s tombs as well, then claim the hells they were derived from. Since the source of Lu Yun’s strength was hell, if he could integrate all of them into the hell battleship, the vessel would give outsiders one hell of a surprise when Qing Buyi left after six hundred years.

The secondary worlds of a world of sequence could at most accommodate eighteen levels of sequence. The primary worlds could only host nine levels. Apart from Meng Wang and the Corpse Refiners, very few people could deploy their true strength.

The great powerhouses from outside that could project their wills into the land and eliminate obstacles for their people were the real enemy.

“Huaxu and Wahuang are respectively buried in the Sanguine and Nihil Hells. You can visit their hells and send them here, but you should avoid Fuxi’s Hadal Hell,” Leize frowned. “His will dispersed after he resurrected, so it’s highly likely that his body has mutated into a zombie.”

The Corpse Refiners didn’t dare do anything to the other three tombs since they were in the outside realm, but with Fuxi’s tomb having lost the will of its owner, it was very possible that his body had transformed into a zombie demon.

“In that case, I shall go to Senior Fuxi’s tomb first!” Lu Yun said hastily. “It’s only been a couple thousand years. With the senior’s strength and cultivation level, it’ll take several million or tens of millions of years for him to turn into a zombie!”

“Very well then, it doesn’t look like I can stop you.” Leize nodded after pondering for a moment. “I’ll take you there after you take care of things here.” He took another look at the crystal coffin. “She was also voluntarily buried here to manifest the Major Cycle Worlds so that the primary worlds would be supported again.”

Lu Yun blinked.

“However, the Corpse Refiners can do as they wish in this locale, so they incorporated the core essence of corpse dao into the coffin and modified the major cycle formation into one of zombie kings. If you hadn’t come, all of the arrangements here would’ve freely benefited the Corpse Refiners.”

Pity filled Leize’s eyes. He was dead and buried in the Abyssal Tomb, thus barred from taking any action or having any effect at all. He could only stand by and watch as the sect set up trap after trap around him. Now that he was in the world within the Tome of Life and Death, he could quietly make his moves and collect the crystal coffin for Lu Yun.

“Taking the coffin is only the first step. You need to redistribute the layout and restore the Major Cycle Worlds of the land.” Leize raised his head and looked to the world outside the book. Three hundred and sixty-five radiant stars still threw off brilliance, dying the entire palace red.

They should’ve been normal stars, but the Corpse Refiners had tainted them until they turned crimson and became the zombie king’s personal treasures.

“Alright,” Lu Yun nodded and dismissed his replica of the mind.

The zombie kings went mad when the coffin disappeared and erupted with rays of blood light that became one with the stars over their heads. Attempting to charge into the palace once more, Diexi blocked their way.

Chu Xingran milled around helplessly, he couldn’t be of any help as his poison and curse dao, or their conglomerate, was ineffective against the horde of zombie kings.

Diexi was straining to hold on; she hadn’t thought that the formation would rip free from her control after Lu Yun claimed the coffin. After all, it was the Corpse Refiners’ last contingency. It would completely activate if he took the coffin and destroy everything present with its strongest capabilities. Lu Yun would never make it out alive!

Hold him for a thousand years? That’d gone out the window. Since he’d dared destroy the sect’s foundations, there was no end for him but doom.




Enormous explosions traveled through the air as the crimson stars flared with scarlet light, then hurtled down at the black palace.

“What do we do?!” Chu Xingran screeched and subconsciously planted a Resurrection Talisman into himself.


A gigantic star suddenly flashed into existence over Lu Yun’s head, throwing off scintillating luster in all directions and exorcizing the bloody light from the three hundred and sixty-five stars.

The World Star.

Ah Zhi’s lithe body floated down from it.

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