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You Yue couldn’t help but blush. He had got in through the back door. With his strength, he couldn’t enter the inner campus at all. After hearing what Qu Lanyi said, he was full of embarrassment and couldn’t lift his head. Compared to Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi’s strength, he was indeed inferior.

“Brother, as long as you focus and practice hard, you’ll reach a level that others can’t reach one day.” Yun Feng smiled at You Yue gently. What she said instantly resolved the uneasiness in You Yue’s heart. A few guards led Yun Feng to a building. “Alright, push the door open and go in.”

Yun Feng glanced at the closed door and obviously felt waves of pressure coming from inside. There should be a few elders waiting in this room. Speaking of elders… She could meet the Third Elder that those people mentioned back in the cave today.

Yun Feng was about to push the door open when a deep voice came from inside. “Are they the ones sent by the Gong family? Come in!”

The voice was powerful and shook Yun Feng’s mind slightly. Yun Feng immediately released the aura of a Grade-5 King and managed to stabilize her mind, helping You Yue resist a bit. She gritted her teeth and pushed the door open. The three of them stepped in and the door suddenly closed in the next moment.

This was a very spacious room, but it gave people an unusually heavy pressure, simply because the five elders of the Juxing School were sitting in this room! The moment the three of them stepped into the room, five sharp beams sized up Yun Feng and the others. The strength level of the three of them was as clear as a mirror in their minds.

“The three people sent by the Gong family are quite interesting. Let’s not talk about anything else. This is the first time they’ve given the spot given by the Juxing School to an outsider!” An elder, who looked the youngest, said. The other elders all looked thoughtful.

“You three, since you’re sent by the Gong family, even though you’re not from the Gong family, the Juxing School can’t interfere when the master of the Gong family gives you the spot. Logically speaking, the disciples who use such a spot to enter the Juxing School will be directly arranged to be taught by an elder in person, but your situation is different. Even though you’re admitted to the inner campus, it’s impossible for you to be the elder’s personal disciple for the time being. If you have the ability, some elder will be willing to teach you in person. It’s certainly gratifying.”

The old man sitting in the middle spoke with a stiff and serious expression, looking like an extremely strict person. Yun Feng thought that one of the two people sitting next to him must be the Third Elder. “As for the other rules of the inner campus, someone will tell you. You can go now.” The old man in the middle waved his hand, but one of the two people sitting next to him suddenly said, “Wait.”

The other elders all looked over. The old man who spoke narrowed his eyes and looked at Yun Feng. He suddenly said, “Are you a pharmacist?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “I’ve just done some research in pharmaceuticals, but I’m not good at it.”

The elder who narrowed his eyes glanced at Yun Feng. “Students in the inner campus have a special right. They can choose to study in different subjects. Potions are also one of these subjects.”

Yun Feng nodded. She had heard the Master of the Gong family mention this matter. The old man sitting in the middle waved his hand and asked Yun Feng and the others to leave. Yun Feng and the others pushed the door open and walked out. The room fell into silence. “Third Brother, speaking of which, even though the Golden Cauldron Trees you brought back are good, it’s useless if they can’t produce the Golden Cauldron Fluid.” The old man sitting in the main seat frowned slightly. The old man who narrowed his eyes just then held his chin with his finger.

“I know that too. I went to find the potion elder, but there was nothing he could do. However, before I got those Golden Cauldron Trees, there was indeed the Golden Cauldron Fluid. There’s no doubt about it. Ten of the trees had already been taken away by someone. The person who took them must know how to make the Golden Cauldron Fluid appear.”

“Even the potion elder can’t do anything? It seems that this problem is a bit tricky.” The old man sitting opposite the Third Elder frowned slightly. His eyebrows and beard were all silver-white, looking quite sage-like.

“It seems that I have to find the person who took the Golden Cauldron Trees away before you do and ask for guidance. Otherwise, the Golden Cauldron Trees will only be a decoration at most.”

“Fourth, you’re right. But where should we find the person who took the Golden Cauldron Trees?”

“I have a clue. This person must be a master-level pharmacist. This person helped Tian Kui when he was injured that day, but something happened halfway. He left a potion bottle. I’ve checked and it’s indeed a master-level Life Potion.” The Third Elder said thoughtfully. The other elders were all shocked.

“A master-level pharmacist? This person is so impressive! Your three disciples are the same. They let that person go without asking for his name. If they had asked for his name, we wouldn’t have had to worry so much.”

The old man sitting on the high seat thought for a while and slowly said, “How many master-level pharmacists are there in the entire Central Region? Are there any people we know?”

The other four elders pondered calmly and shook their heads in the end. “Those few people are all a bit weird. Besides, how would they casually take out master-level potions to save people? Not to mention that it’s a junior like Tian Kui. Impossible, impossible.” fre𝙚𝓌𝒆𝚋noѵel.c𝚘m

“Fifth Brother, you’re quite right. The few people we know don’t look like people who would do such a thing at all. I’ve asked the potion elder. Nobody he knows has such a possibility. This means that a hidden master-level potion maker has come out of seclusion.” The Third Elder’s eyes glittered as he looked at the old man sitting in the main seat excitedly. “If the Juxing School can take such a person under its wing, the Juxing School will definitely benefit a lot!”

“That’s a good idea, but we have to find this person first. With the personality of these powerful pharmacists, do you think you can recruit this person into the Juxing School with just a few words? Besides, we don’t even know that person’s name. Third Elder, your three disciples have seen that person. If they really can’t find him, use the portrait. Even though this behavior is a bit inappropriate, we have no choice. In short, the most important thing is to find that person first!”

“Argh!” Yun Feng suddenly sneezed. Qu Lanyi immediately put his hand on her forehead. “What’s wrong? Did you catch a cold?”

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