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Chapter 2480: Killing an Almost-Extraordinaire Alone

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Mag dashed across the sky like an eagle, heading straight towards that little island at the Mala Archipelago’s periphery.

After avoiding the area where the firepower was concentrated, Mag slashed open the defense shield that covered the island at the last minute and landed on the island.

Even though he called it a little island, it actually wasn’t that little.

There were a total of 32 islands in the Mala Archipelago. This island’s surface area was the fifth largest among them.

Instantly, the island’s alarm rang.


“Who dares to break into the island?”

A majestic voice rang out like thunder. A two-meter-tall strapping man with a beard jumped off from a high place with a thick, black long saber. He stared at Mag with his bell-like eyes. He asked with narrowed eyes, “The Adjudicator?”

Mag smiled brightly and said in a low voice, “Yes, it’s me, your master.”

“How dare you come here, you clown? Watch me skin you alive today. We’ll let everyone see your cowardly behavior!” Buckle shouted angrily. Flames rose up on the long saber and the hard rocks beneath his feet shattered instantly. That bulky figure shot out and he slashed at Mag with his saber.

Almost-Extraordinaire. He was on par with Mag.

After entering the demi-god realm, Mag had never fought with a powerhouse who was his peer. He could find such an opponent in Underground City and so he naturally grasped this rare opportunity.

“This fellow actually dares to come here!”

In the villa’s safe house, Fergus looked at Mag, who was wearing a set of black clothes, on the screen and spoke with an angry and terrified voice.

His family had already ditched him. That was why his shadow was sent to the Justice Investigation Bureau. His years of hard work were destroyed in a day by this fellow. He couldn’t wait to skin him alive.

However, what made him fearful was how did this fellow find this place? How did he know that he was hiding here? What kind of big trouble would it cause if this matter was let out?

The butler brought a glass of wine over and calmly said, “Don’t worry, Third Young Master. Master Buckle is an Almost-Extraordinaire powerhouse. That fellow is just a clown. We’ll toss him into the sea after we kill him.”

Fergus felt calmer after hearing that. The butler was right. What was he afraid of? His family hired Master Buckle to protect him to prevent such matters from happening.

Could that fellow be more powerful than a god?

Mag looked at Buckle, who was crashing over like a heavy truck. A terrifying pressure was emanating from him. It was a different kind of presence. A powerful presence brought by an absolute power. If a 10th-tier person was standing here, he wouldn’t be able to move at all.

According to the intel analysis provided by Xi earlier, Buckle was a fire close combat powerhouse. He was famous for his terrifying explosive power and absolute strength. He was outstanding in close combat within his tier.

“What a coincidence. I am great at close combat too.” Mag’s lips curved upwards under his mask.

Buckle’s scary figure reached Mag in an instant. His black heavy saber slashed downwards at Mag with a 10-odd-meters long tail of fire dragging behind it.

In the instant when the long saber landed, Mag moved slightly and disappeared on the spot. At the same time, Mag stabbed his longsword out. He stabbed five times within one second and the space twisted and tore open.


The long saber landed on the ground and a ravine that was dozens of meters long and a few meters wide, appeared on the hard rock surface. The rock was melted into lava by the flames and the entire island shook.

A strike from an Almost-Extraordinaire powerhouse was that scary!

Fortunately, Mag was very fast. Other than having two little burnt holes in his clothes, Mag didn’t suffer any physical harm.

On the other side, Buckle landed and five bloody holes appeared on his chest, abdomen and thighs.

“Almost-Extraordinaire.” Buckle looked at Mag and his expression turned solemn for the first time. Meanwhile, the wounds on his body visibly healed rapidly.

“Does his natural talents include healing? Why didn’t he change all of his talents to defense?” Mag dissed him inwardly. An Almost-Extraordinaire opponent was indeed thick-skinned. If he was a 10th-tier powerhouse, those strikes would have cut clean through and finished him off.

“That fellow is also an Almost-Extraordinaire!” Fergus was shocked. His hand that was holding the glass trembled and the wine spilled all over his trousers.

The butler looked shocked too, but he still calmly said, “Don’t worry, Third Young Master. I have already reported to the family. Extraordinaire powerhouses will be coming to assist us soon. We just have to stay here before that.”

Mag held his sword out horizontally at his chest level and arrogantly said, “I’m not free to play with you. Your young master is still waiting for me.”

“That will depend on if you can step over my body.” Anger rose up in Buckle’s eyes. Nobody in his tier had ever looked down on him like this before.

Mag didn’t bother to talk to him anymore. After a quick thought, he disappeared. Sword projections were criss-crossing instantly as danger lurked everywhere.

Buckle turned solemn and a shield pendant hanging at his waist lit up. Black armor appeared on his body immediately. He drew a circle on the ground with his long saber and the flames rose up to form a firewall that surrounded him. He looked around him with an alert expression.

Suddenly, a gleam flashed across his eyes and he slashed his long saber behind him. The space distorted and the flames exploded.

The firewall split open and a black shadow came in and stabbed his sword out.

However, the saber slashed across horizontally, cutting the black shadow into two. But, he had missed. That black shadow was just a remnant!

“Oh no!”

Buckle was shocked. The sharp ring of a sword had rung out next to his ears. He retracted his saber and activated all his protective gears at the same time.

The outcome of a duel between the top powerhouses was often decided in a split second. In pure close combat it was even more so.

The razor sharp sword stabbed through the layers of protection as though it was stabbing through balloons that were stacked together like Russian dolls. Then, it cut through that seemingly impenetrable armor and stabbed into his soft neck.

Even when facing imminent death, Buckle still displayed the explosion that belonged to an Almost-Extraordinaire. His armor exploded and his whole body turned into lava. His level of defense heightened and the sword tip was stuck in his body.

At the same time, he consolidated his determination to kill and slashed his saber across.

With Buckle’s body as the centerpoint, the temperature within 100 meters of him skyrocketed instantly. Flames even rose up in the air.

Flame Domain, open up!

“This is much more interesting.” Mag let go of his longsword that was stuck and backed off rapidly.

Mag’s figure was obviously slower within the domain.

What people didn’t see was the hand that he hid within his sleeve, he suddenly took out a chef’s knife and slashed at the space behind him.

The space distorted and a gap was actually split open in the Flame Domain.

Mag moved and got out of the Flame Domain like a fish. A silver longsword appeared in his hand and he slashed across. A green sword projection swung out like a long rainbow and clashed with Buckle’s long saber in mid air.

A green projection and a red projection clashed into each other. They were evenly matched!

“Sword, come over!”

Mag spat out those three words gently.

At the same time, two pupils appeared in each of Mag’s eyes, making Buckle take a double look.

A black heavy sword flew over and crossed the hundreds of meters long distance in a blink of an eye. It went in Buckle’s back and came out through his chest!

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