ZenFone 9 Could Be The Small Android Flagship You've Been Waiting For

After announcing the ROG Phone 6 series, ASUS is readying another flagship phone, one that will launch under its popular Zenfone series, and with specs and features that tick most, if not all of the requirements, for compact flagship enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of compact phones, and that number is about to be fewer this year as it has been reported the iPhone 14 won't have a Mini variant.

However, a few manufacturers still cater to this segment by launching phones that users can comfortably operate with one hand. Among them is ASUS, whose Zenfone 8, released in 2021, falls under the six-inch mark. Another example is Samsung's Galaxy S22 is 6.1 inches in size. Another prime example is Google's upcoming Pixel 6a which also falls under the ''compact phones'' umbrella with its 6.1-inch display.


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There are obvious advantages that a big phone offers, such as a larger display for media consumption or for more productive work, as is the case with the stylus-toting Galaxy S22 Ultra. Large phones also have large battery capacities to match their screen size. However, they can be uncomfortable to hold for long due to their weight. Despite these advantages, not everyone fancies or needs these features. For this demographic, a compact flagship phone is what they require, such as ASUS's upcoming Zenfone 9, which has appeared in a leak posted by Twitter user, SnoopyTech (@_snoopytech_). The phone picks up from where the 2021 Zenfone 8 left off, with an improved design, better specs and even more color options.

ASUS Zenfone 9
Snapdragon 8+ Gen1
8 + 128 / 8 + 256 GB / 16 + 256 GB
- 5.9-inch 120Hz screen
- 4300 mAh dual battery
- Sony IMX766 rear main Camera - ZenTouch
- 3.5mm audio port
- IP68 level waterproof
- Red, black, blue
€800-900 pic.twitter.com/5mEn8rsKxw

— SnoopyTech (@_snoopytech_) July 7, 2022

A Compact Phone That Doesn't Skip On Performance

The Zenfone 9 will be available in four colors

According to the source, the Zenfone 9 is sticking to the 5.9-inch display size of its predecessor. The Samsung AMOLED display will have a 120Hz refresh rate and a punch hole at the top left corner, and while not stated, its resolution should be Full HD+. The Zenfone 9's delayed arrival in comparison to its predecessor, which launched in May 2021, has paid off as the leak reveals the chipset under the hood is the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, the same processor inside the ROG Phone 6. When it launches, ASUS will offer it in three configurations — 8+128GB, 8+256GB and 16+256GB. The Zenfone 8 didn't have a MicroSD card slot, so it is not expected one will be present on the Zenfone 9. The phone will have two rear cameras with each sitting inside a protruding circular camera housing. The main camera is a Sony IMX766 sensor, the same one used in the ROG Phone 6 and the OnePlus 10R. The specs of these phones make it known that it has a 50MP resolution. However, ASUS has included a 6-axis gimbal stabilizer module for improved stabilization. In addition, the product video shows ASUS will offer a special mount that allows it to be attached to a backpack à la action camera. No info was provided about the secondary rear camera and the front-facing camera. Another significant change is that the Zenfone 9 swaps the under-display fingerprint scanner for a side-mounted one that not only doubles as the power button but also registers swipes for scrolling, a feature dubbed ZenTouch.

Despite its display being unchanged, the Zenfone 9 will pack a bigger 4300mAh battery capacity compared to the 4000mAh battery of the Zenfone 8. It will also have stereo speakers and, unlike most flagships, come with a headphone jack. It is expected that ASUS will ship it with Android 12 out of the box. And according to the source, it will be priced between €800 and €900. Details about its launch date and availability are still under wraps, but it should be available in North America, like the Zenfone 8.

The specs mentioned above show the Zenfone 9 is an improvement over last year's model and a better device than the competition, such as the Galaxy S22. Despite having a smaller display than Samsung's phone, it packs a significantly bigger battery capacity. ASUS' phone also has a more powerful processor than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200 that's inside the Galaxy S22. So if anyone has been waiting for a compact flagship that doesn't skip on the essentials, ASUS's upcoming phone is that device.

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Source: SnoopyTech/Twitter

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