Young Sheldon Season 6 Image Highlights Cooper Twins' Growth Spurts

The latest Young Sheldon season 6 image highlights Missy and Sheldon's growth spurts. The Cooper twins will soon return to the small screen after The Big Bang Theory prequel's mandatory summer break. Season 6 is set to premiere in September, continuing the family's story following Young Sheldon season 5's cliffhanger ending.

Given its nearing return, production on Young Sheldon season 6 has been in full swing for awhile now. Some cast members have shared behind-the-scenes content from their workdays, such as Annie Potts posting photos of Meemaw, including one back in the Coopers' house. Among everyone, however, Raegan Revord has been the most diligent with regard to posting on social media to keep fans updated on filming progress. She has given the public their first look at Missy and Mary shooting the classic dinner scene, while also revealing that the family will be back in church despite Pastor Jeff's betrayal.


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In Revord's latest Instagram post, however, she shares an image with her on-screen twin, played by Iain Armitage. The actor confirms they are in the middle of filming for Young Sheldon season 6, but the most important takeaway from the photo is how it highlights Missy and Sheldon's growth spurts - something even she notices. Check out Revord's post below:

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Both Revord and Armitage are already 14 years old, but in the show, Missy and Sheldon are just 12-turning-13. CBS has understandably slowed down their aging to stretch out Young Sheldon's storytelling, especially since The Big Bag Theory gives it a predetermined ending. But as the actors continue to grow up, the network can no longer keep this up, which means the prequel needs to move the timeline ahead. With this, expect that George Cooper's inevitable death will happen in the next two years, which coincidentally is how much longer the show is confirmed to run, at least for now. At this point, it's uncertain if the project will continue beyond that, as it still has several more years before the events of The Big Bang Theory take place. But if they do this, Young Sheldon would have to significantly change in terms of storytelling, as it would disrupt its family-comedy vibe.

In any case, there's also the option to totally deviate from The Big Bang Theory's established canon. Considering the countless plot inconsistencies between the shows, CBS might as well decide to set Young Sheldon in an alternate reality. This way, the network can continue capitalizing on the show's popularity without slowing down its storytelling, to the point that it's no longer believable that Revord and Armitage are playing 12-year-old kids. On top of that, it would also give them total creative freedom in crafting Young Sheldon.