Wolverine's Incredible Hulk Fight Origin Is Bigger Than You Think

Warning! Spoilers for X-Men: Legends #1 by Marvel Comics

Marvel is making a bold new update to the ongoing rivalry between the Hulk and Wolverine, as a new comic book series will showcase their never-seen-before second encounter, where the pair of heroes will fight it out. In the newest preview for X-Men: Legends #1 by Marvel Comics, the in-continuity story features Wolverine and Hulk's rematch, updating Logan's origin with an all-new battle between the powerful Marvel characters.

Wolverine and the Hulk will forever be tied together as heroes, as the former made his debut in The Incredible Hulk #181 by Roy Thomas, Len Wein, and John Romita Sr. Wolverine would quickly turn into a fan-favorite hero for Marvel Comics, immediately joining the X-Men in their Giant-Size relaunch in 1975. However, the new comic book series, X-Men: Legends, reveals that Wolverine actually had another fight with Hulk before joining his fellow mutants, as the pair tried to kill each other with their respective powers.


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In a brand new preview of X-Men: Legends #1 by Roy Thomas, Dave Watcher, Edgar Delgado, and VC's Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics (H/T ComicWatch), the events between Wolverine's debut and joining the X-Men are showcased. Wolverine returns to the woods looking for the Hulk, and when he encounters "that walking greenhouse," who's stunned to see him back in action after their last fight, Logan charges at the Jade Giant with his claws unsheathed.

X-Men Legends - Wolverine Hulk Preview Page 1 - 2022


X-Men Legends - Wolverine Hulk Preview Page 2 - 2022

Wolverine gets even angrier when the Hulk refers to him as a "little man," as he tells him he's already sick of the nickname. He reveals himself as Wolverine and tells the Hulk that if he's lucky, maybe he will live long enough to remember it. Wolverine lunges at the Hulk as the pair engage in their never-seen-before second fight. Considering the fireworks of their first battle and the fact the heroes know more about their respective fighting styles, the encounter might end up having more fireworks than their original introduction.

Check out the official synopsis for the issue, which teases all-new in-continuity moments in the X-Men's storied history with Marvel Comics.

AN ALL-NEW TALE SET BEFORE GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1! Before GIANT-SIZE X-MEN brought STORM, WOLVERINE, COLOSSUS, NIGHTCRAWLER and THUNDERBIRD to the team, Roy Thomas redefined the merry mutants in two seminal runs on the book. Now Roy, at long last, returns to the saga of the X-MEN to take us through the period between his run and GSX, for the first time detailing Wolverine's government missions before his recruitment by PROFESSOR X (including unrevealed detail on his battle with the green goliath in HULK #181/182), an untold episode involving BEAST and a host of missing mutants, and the secret behind Wolverine's costume! Kicking off an all-new volume of X-MEN LEGENDS by a host of legendary creators, this is but the first story in a run of new, in-continuity tales covering the length and breadth of X-Men history from the early eras to fan-favorite latter day sagas! Face front, True Believers! These are the missing links you’ve been looking for!

The preview of X-Men: Legends #1 is an exciting tease of what readers can expect from the comic. Seeing Roy Thomas return to write a new in-continuity story featuring the Hulk and Wolverine should make for an action-packed story showing what happened when the two powerful heroes fought in an epic rematch. Will Marvel Comics name a definitive winner in Wolverine and Hulk's second bout and change Logan's origin forever? Or will the heroes come to an understanding that both are necessary for the fight against evil? X-Men: Legends #1 by Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores on August 10, 2022.