Why Rebel Moon Will Probably Feel Familiar To Zack Snyder Fans

Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon could be putting a sci-fi spin on one of Snyder's previous movies, explaining why the film may feel familiar to some viewers. A two-part story, Rebel Moon will focus on a woman named Kora (Sofia Boutella) assembling a group of warriors to defend her people after they find themselves under attack by the sinister Regent Belisarius (Ed Skrein) and his forces. Though Rebel Moon will take place in a far away galaxy, owing to its original conception by Snyder as a Star Wars movie, its story might have some Earth-bound influences from Snyder's own 2007 movie 300.

Based upon Frank Miller's graphic novel, 300 re-tells the famed Battle of Thermopylae, in which 300 Spartan soldiers held off a Persian invasion for three days. Both Miller's graphic novel and Snyder's movie are extremely stylized versions of the story, narrated from a Spartan perspective by the soldier Dilios (David Wenham), with both being major hits for the two storytellers behind them. Rebel Moon's story, while probably lacking the moral ambiguity of the Spartans in 300, nonetheless does not sound that far off from the fundamentals of the iconic movie.


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Like the Greek city-state of Sparta, Kora's home world not only faces an invasion, but seemingly impossible odds against a conquering army. Like King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) in 300, Kora is set to form a line of defense against her planet's enemies, while both armies include a centralized commanding villain, Balisarius in the case of Rebel Moon and King Xeres (Rodrigo Santoro) in 300. Though Snyder has never spoken of Rebel Moon as a sci-fi homage to 300, ideas he's had for a continuation of the latter could suggest this might be the case.

300 scene pic

Snyder has spoken about 300 follow-ups set in different historical eras, including the American Revolution, the Battle of the Alamo, and one devoted to a battle in China. These likely would not be direct sequels as they're normally thought of, but rather movies taking the spirit of 300 of outmatched armies battle overwhelming odds in different periods. With their place in Snyder's filmography, he also would likely envision these 300 follow-ups having his trademark visual bombast and the speed-ramping that was also a staple of 300.

With Rebel Moon, the basic story foundation could suggest that Snyder may have either conceived the two-part story as a sci-fi epic inspired by 300, or one that he perhaps gradually came to structure along those lines. The mass scale battle scenes of 300 being similarly fitting for something like Rebel Moon, especially with the amount of green screen and visual effects work the two will undoubtedly share. While Rebel Moon is also similar to Rogue One, it might additionally have more of a kindred spirit in 300 than with any of Snyder's other movies.

Of course, Rebel Moon is also bound to have plenty going on in its two-part story to enable it to stand on its own as more than simply "300 in space". Still, the two might share more DNA than they seem to at face value. Rebel Moon is the beginning of a new sci-fi universe Snyder and Netflix hope to expand, and the unexpected bedrock provided by 300 could be a major stepping stone in accomplishing that goal.

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