Why Married At First Sight 15's Alexis Previously Turned Down 3 Proposals

Married at First Sight season 15 kicked off with five new couples, and fans of the series are particularly interested in cast member Alexis and her previous three proposals. The MAFS pairs were blindly matched in San Diego by Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson. Season 15's three-hour premiere episode introduced viewers to Lindy and Miguel, Krysten and Mitch, Alexis and Justin, Stacia and Nate, and Morgan and Binh. Cameras documented each individual, revealing their MAFS marriage plans to friends and family, by following them as they geared up for their wedding days by shopping for outfits and rings. Despite the hours-long introduction, only Alexis and Justin's wedding was showcased by the end of season 15's kick-off.


Alexis, who is originally from New Jersey, is a 29-year-old logistics specialist who is ready to settle down and start a family with the perfect husband. She's called herself assertive and self-aware, and Alexis believes that her lack of luck in the dating department is due to her strong personality, which has scared prospective partners off in the past. Despite this, Alexis revealed during the MAFS season 15 premiere that prior to signing up for Lifetime's eight-week experiment, she was proposed to on three different occasions. While this originally piqued fans' interest because many MAFS participants lack dating experience (such as Krysten's new husband, Mitch), viewers became even more interested in Alexis' back story when she further revealed that she had turned down each proposal.

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So, why was Alexis never engaged prior to signing up for MAFS season 15, despite three separate proposals? Throughout the episode leading up to her wedding with Justin, Alexis hinted that she used to have unrealistic expectations of what a marriage was supposed to be like. This, in part, was due to Alexis' parents' own experiences, as they unhappily stayed together until finally divorcing when Alexis turned 18. After Alexis and Justin met at the altar and began getting to know one another, she confirmed that she rejected each past proposal because she was not ready to fully commit to marriage. "I'm not saying 'no' anymore though," Alexis told her new husband. "I'm not running from anything anymore. I'm here, I'm in it."


While this may have been a turn-off for other singles on MAFS, Justin took the admission in stride, and simply joked, "D***, I got lucky then!" This is because Justin was previously engaged once before, although his engagement ended about five years ago. Justin, who revealed that his previous relationship ended a month before their wedding date, implied that like Alexis, he was not ready to be married at the time. "The person that I am today, she wanted that version," the 33-year-old from Alabama said. "I moved on and I worked on me...to try and be the best version of me for the next person." 

While Alexis and Justin quickly hit it off on their wedding day, only time will tell how this couple fares throughout the rest of MAFS season 15. Although Justin described Alexis as "his perfect wife," and raved about her beauty, Alexis admitted that despite Justin's warm personality, he was not her type physically. In addition, Alexis was initially surprised by Justin's 6'8'' frame, commenting in a side interview, "I asked for tall, but 6'8''? That's a bit much!" With one marriage down on MAFS season 15, fans still have four more introductions to look forward to.