Which Naruto Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The world of Naruto places more emphasis on the nature types of its characters than it does something like the zodiac. That makes perfect sense considering the nature types of the shinobi influence what skills they're able to master. Fans, however, might be interested in just how the personalities of their favorite characters line up with the zodiac signs.

Though the manga and data books do include birthdays for the characters, allowing fans to figure out their canon zodiac signs, not all of the characters fit the personalities of their zodiac signs exactly. Instead, their approach to the shinobi lifestyle, their motivations in a fight, and their personalities in general line up best with these zodiac signs.


Updated on July 6, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Fans who love exploring the Naruto characters are lucky that they still can. Most of the characters live on in the Boruto sequel series and manga, which is still telling new stories. For those who want to explore more about the personalities of the characters, or relive their favorite moments, the original Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series are still available on multiple streaming platforms as well. Fans who want to see for themselves if their zodiac sign matches up to how the characters approach their challenges can watch whenever they want.

Aries: Sakura Or Temari

A split image features Sakura and Temari in the Naruto anime

Sakura might be the smartest member of Team 7, but her temper and her desire to prove herself sometimes have her leaping into action without thinking about the consequences. That's very Aries of her. Aries might be known for their impulsivity, but they're also very passionate people. Sakura demonstrates that passion in her desire to be a better shinobi, her unwavering love for Sasuke, and her quest to make the shinobi world a better place as she advocates for mental health facilities for children after the war.

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Like Sakura, Temari is also someone who leaps into action, often without thinking. Like an Aries, her mouth also sometimes works faster than her brain as she's quick to make sarcastic comments to people, even those she cares about. Temari shows the same passion that Sakura does in the way she cares for her brothers and becomes a leader amongst her people during the Shinobi World War.

Taurus: Choji Or Itachi

A split image features Naruto characters Choji and Itachi

Choji might be the butt of a lot of jokes from his teammate Ino, but that doesn't stop him from being the most protective member of his team. He is the first to volunteer to stay behind and cover the enemy for his friends, and the one member of the team who can step up and take on a zombie-like Asuma even though it hurts. That immense loyalty and protective nature is absolutely that of the Naruto zodiac's Taurus. So is Choji's appreciation for a variety of cuisines in the shinobi world. A Taurus appreciates the finer things in life, and sometimes those finer things are new meals.

Like Choji, Itachi is an incredibly protective person. He just shows it very differently. Instead of putting his life on the line for his teammates and working with them, Choji takes the weight of the world on his shoulders. He sacrifices nearly his entire family to protect the village, and then maintains a cover for years to prevent his little brother from getting in trouble, and to continue helping. That's some Taurus commitment.

Gemini: Ino

Ino smirking with her head in her hand next to some flowers in Naruto

Based on her initial interactions with Sakura, Ino seems like a typical mean girl. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Ino just lashes out when she's hurt, but she's also a bit of a social butterfly, attempting to make new friends wherever she goes. Her charm in spite of her sarcastic digs is part of the reason she gets along so well with her teammates and is able to make up with Sakura years after falling out.

That charm, and her ability to flip on a dime in a new situation, just scream Gemini. That contrasts with her canon Naruto sign of Virgo.

Cancer: Kiba Or Kurenai

A split image features Naruto characters Kiba and Kurenai

Cancers have a reputation amongst astrology lovers for being very emotional; they're the sign that jumps to conclusions based on their own emotional reactions. While that can be true, Kiba does prove himself to be a pretty level-headed Cancer. The trait that Kiba actually best shows as a Cancer is empathy. He just happens to tease those he cares for. This is probably best shown to the anime audience in his friendship with Hinata. Though Kiba is the one who will tease her about fainting in Naruto's presence, he also is right by her side when she's training and encouraging her, never allowing her to doubt herself the way her family doubted her as a child.

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Interestingly, Kurenai's Cancer traits are also shown through her relationship with Hinata. She's the sensei for Kiba, Hinata, and Shino. Like Kiba, she shows a great deal of empathy for Hinata, taking the young girl under her wing when Hinata's father essentially casts her out of the clan.

Leo: Shino Or Jiraiya

A split image features Naruto characters Shino and Jiraiya

Shino might not seem like a Leo at first glance. Leos, after all, are typically seen as the life of the party with a desire to be the center of attention. Shino might not be the kind of Leo drawing eyes to himself in the middle of social situations, but he definitely still craves attention and approval. Every time he's left out of a mission, like the Sasuke Recovery Mission that sees Shikamaru take all of the boys he went to school with except for Shino, he makes it well known that he should have been included. When Naruto returns to the village after two years away, Shino repeatedly makes his hurt about Naruto not recognizing him known. Shino wants to be liked and appreciated, which is completely understandable considering how often he's overlooked.

Jiraiya, on the other hand, is definitely a more typical Leo. He knows he's skilled and has confidence in his abilities, but he's also ready to stop what he's doing and party at a moment's notice. He's just as likely to be playing a card game and laughing it up with villagers as he is fighting for the village.

Virgo: Shikamaru Or Kakashi

A split image features Naruto characters Shikamaru and Kakashi

A relatable Naruto character, Shikamaru is the mom friend, even if he pretends to be the uncaring slacker. He's the one caught in the middle of Ino and Choji's teasing. He's the one constantly trying to keep his friends out of trouble. Shikamaru even makes it his mission in life to take care of Asuma's daughter after his sensei is gone. That's all thanks to the nurturing instincts of a Virgo. Shikamaru also, however, has the analytical mind of a Virgo. He has backup plans for his backup plans, and backup plans for other people's plans. Shikamaru tries not to let any angle escape his attention.

He and Kakashi are surprisingly alike. Kakashi appears relaxed, always reading his favorite novels, but he's incredibly hardworking and focused. Like Shikamaru, he has backup plans for his backup plans, and he takes care of everyone around him before he takes care of himself. For Kakashi, that can mean emotionally cutting himself off from others to make sure they're safe. Shikamaru doesn't push people away as often as Kakashi does, but this is still evident in his early actions concerning Temari.

Libra: Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki presents a thumbs up to the viewer

With Naruto's making friends everywhere he goes, and his ability to talk his enemies out of fighting him on a regular basis, fans might have thought him a Gemini. However, Naruto fits better in the sign of Libra.

Libras are just as charming as Geminis, able to see both sides of a conflict and play peacemaker. They're also often natural leaders. That's in part thanks to people generally finding them likable, but also due to an instinct to shoulder the responsibility in a tough situation. Libra also happens to be Naruto's canon zodiac sign as he's born in early October.

Scorpio: Neji

Hiashi Hyuga Apologizes To Neji After The Chunin Exams In Naruto

When the audience first meets Neji, he doesn't give the best impression. He's hostile and presents himself as better than Hinata in every way. He's wrong, but he's also projecting because he's incredibly hurt as a result of the Hyuga family history.

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Neji channeling his hurt into aggressive behavior is definitely a Scorpio's negative trait. They tend to keep their emotions locked up tight, not trusting people right away. They also go after what they want, no matter what stands in their way, just as Neji attempts to do when he takes Hinata on during the Chunin Exams.

Sagittarius: Lee

Rock Lee beckons a challenger for a fight in Naruto

Rock Lee is one of the most excitable characters in the Naruto franchise. He approaches everything with enthusiasm and turns every event in his life into a valuable lesson. This, and Lee's constant optimistic outlook, are trademarks of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarians also tend to be the zodiac sign with the most wanderlust. While Lee doesn't outright leave Konoha behind, he never passes up the chance for an adventure on a mission.

Capricorn: Hinata Or Asuma

A split image features Naruto characters Hinata and Asuma

Capricorns are often viewed as ruthless in their ambition. Hinata is definitely not ruthless, but she is incredibly ambitious as a child. She knows what she wants — to prove she's a capable shinobi — and she works harder than nearly anyone else in the series to overcome her shyness and fear to do just that. Despite spending most of her time away from her family, it's also clear that like most Capricorns, Hinata places a lot of value on family. It's not just seeing other talented shinobi that motivates her, but proving herself to her father and little sister. She wants to be worthy of being a Hyuga.

The cool-as-a-cucumber Asuma might not seem to have a lot in common with Hinata, but he also has ambition. He leaves home as a teen to prove himself as worthy as a shinobi beyond his family name. He also works hard to prepare himself, and the next generation of shinobi. He values the next generation above all, which is why he's willing to die for his students and his unborn child.

Aquarius: Sasuke Or Gaara

A split image features Naruto characters Sasuke and Gaara

Sasuke is even more ambitious than Hinata. His goals, however, are to gain power and to gain justice for his lost family. Those things make him more than just the village rebel when he leaves Konoha behind to seek out Orochimaru for training. That rebellious nature is definitely associated with Aquarius. So Sasuke's passion in Naruto. Aquarians are passionate people who throw their weight behind a cause. Sasuke's initial cause might be revenge disguised as justice, but he comes around and helps to save the shinobi world.

Gaara is usually compared to Naruto in his journey, but he and Sasuke have a lot in common. Both of them misplace their passion in revenge schemes before they realize they can use their skill and power to help people instead. They also are very much outsiders in their communities, walking their own paths no matter how others view them.

Pisces: Tenten

Tenten And Her Collection Of Weapons In The Naruto Anime

The Naruto audience doesn't get a chance to know Tenten as well as they do the other characters in the manga. In fact, Naruto's filler episodes provide most of her character development, though they never even reveal her surname.

While Tenten presents herself as a practical weapons expert, it's also pretty clear that she's a bit of a dreamer, which is why Pisces (which happens to be her canon zodiac sign in the manga) is a good fit for her. Tenten is open to the possibilities of the strange shinobi world, like believing in the existence of ghosts.

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