Which Ben Is That At The End Of Umbrella Academy Season 3?

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Umbrella Academy season 3

There is speculation that the Ben shown on the train during the mid-credit scene of The Umbrella Academy season 3 could be a version of the original Ben. However, as showrunner Steve Blackman confirmed in a TV Guide interview, the truth is slightly more complicated. While the prospect of two Bens sharing a timeline certainly seemed interesting, viewers now know that at least one Ben is alive and well.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 saw the gang avert yet another apocalyptic event in the form of the Kugelblitz. In the season finale, the group found themselves in yet another alternate timeline, this time without their powers. The group then split and went their separate ways to explore this new world. Allison and Reginald seem to be thriving, with the remaining Umbrella/Sparrow Hargreeves collective left confused. A deal between the two forged before the battle at the Hotel Oblivion saw the two reunited with their loved ones after the universe was reset. There is still a lot unknown about the details of this new time, but it may be the case that Reginald stole the Umbrella's powers.


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Theories were floating around that the Ben seen on the train was either the Umbrella's Ben brought back to life or a new version entirely. However, showrunner Steve Blackman's confirmation that it was actually Sparrow Ben leaves more questions than answers. It is known that Sparrow Ben wanted nothing more than to please his father, which could explain why he is on a train in South Korea. A view of Reginald Hargreeves reunited with Abigail overlooking the city showed that he is now very influential with his name on nearby high rises. It could be that Reginald has worldwide influence, and Ben is somehow involved. In any case, the fact that it was Sparrow Ben on the train changes the game ahead of a potential Umbrella Academy season 4.

Why Allison Kept The Sparrow's Ben After Resetting The Universe

Ben moving on in The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The timeline reset could have been the perfect opportunity to bring back the Umbrella's Ben and be entirely rid of the Sparrows. When the group was transported to Obsidian Park, Sloane was notably absent. She would likely have been there, given that Luther was revived. It is possible that Sparrow Ben was kept since the original Ben was already dead. Steve Blackman also revealed that Reginald did not finish programming the universe, so Allison's premature interference could have some adverse effects. Reginald's part of the deal could still be unresolved, and he may be looking to correct that in the next season.

Since the Hargreeves children do not have their powers and none of the other Sparrows returned, there might not be doppelganger versions of themselves in this timeline. Without the need to get past the guardians at Hotel Oblivion, Reginald likely never intervened to cause their births in this timeline. His parting gift to his kids could be taking away their powers, the source of much of the trauma they have experienced so far. Time will tell if their abilities' absence was indeed a gift.

Unfortunately, audiences are not getting the original Ben back as of yet. The mid-credits scene was a nice swerve. Interestingly enough, Ben was on the train he was born on, bringing The Umbrella Academy season 3 full circle. After such an ambiguous ending, the anticipation will be high for the show's next season.