Thor: Love & Thunder Has Way More Deleted Scenes Than Expected

Natalie Portman, star of Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder, says that the film has many more deleted scenes than initially expected. Thor: Love and Thunder is partially based on the 2014 comic book run "Original Sin." In the comic, Thor is no longer able to wield Mjolnir, and Mjolnir is then picked up by Jane Foster.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be Waititi's second Thor film that he's directed, with the first being the critically acclaimed Thor: Ragnarok. The upcoming film marks Portman's first return to Marvel since 2013's Thor: The Dark World. Part of the reason Portman was compelled to return for Thor: Love and Thunder was due to Waititi's direction, as well as the chance to see Jane's character grow in a way not seen in previous films.


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In an interview with IndieWire, Portman reveals that there is a substantial amount of footage that did not make it into the final cut of the film. Part of this is due to Waititi's choice to do multiple takes for each scene and make sure that every take was different from the last one. Portman notes that this led to several scenes in which there are many alternate versions of what actually ends up in the film, and that because Waititi encouraged so much exploration, sometimes whole filmed sequences were cut from the film. Besides this, Portman says that some of the more emotional scenes between Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) and Jane did not make it into the film, as well as more scenes between Jane and Valkyrie (played by Tessa Thompson). Full quotes from Portman on deleted scenes from Thor: Love and Thunder can be read below:

“There were whole sequences, planets, characters, and worlds that didn’t end up in the movie that were hilarious and amazing and [that] we spent a lot of time and energy on, and certainly the entire crew also designing and conceiving. It’s just amazing how much great material is not in the film, considering how much great material is in it. Usually, it’s like, you’re just trying to get enough good stuff to put in the film, and this had overflow. So that was really surprising.”

"I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are some very emotional scenes. The interesting thing was how we had room to workshop them. We filmed 20 different versions of [one key scene]. There’s a few pivotal emotional scenes, but we did really, really different things, many different times.”

Thor 4 Love and Thunder King Valkyrie and Jane Foster seated in thrones

Directors often have to cut scenes that may be enjoyable to viewers craving extra context of emotional arcs between characters to ensure that the film falls within a palatable runtime. However, having an excess amount of deleted scenes that, in Portman's opinion, are still exciting and fun to watch, is more of a testament to Waititi's direction in making sure that there is enough engaging content in order to put together the best possible version of the film. Although some may be missing the emotional scenes that were cut, it would be uncharacteristic for Waititi to make a film devoid of any emotional scenes, as the balance of humor and heart is part of what he's known for.

Portman also notes in regards to the scenes between Jane and Valkyrie that were cut, that she thinks there is enough material for a possible spinoff focussing mainly on their relationship. She relays that in Thor: Love and Thunder, the viewer doesn't necessarily see how Valkyrie and Jane become such close friends, and the possibility of getting to see that relationship unfold in another film is something that excites her. Whether Marvel is willing to make a film focusing on Jane and Valkyrie is unclear, but hopefully some of the deleted scenes that Portman discusses will become available either through DVD versions of the movie or possibly through an extended director's cut of the film. Until then, viewers can see Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters on July 8, and will have to continue following whether a possible Valkyrie and Jane spinoff that is inspired by some of Thor: Love and Thunder's deleted scenes becomes more concrete.