The Umbrella Academy: Every Fight In Season 3, Ranked

WARNING! This article contains major spoilers for The Umbrella Academy season 3.

Recently released on Netflix, fans of The Umbrella Academy are readily picking up where they left off following the jaw-dropping season 2 cliffhanger revealing that the Umbrellas have been replaced by the Sparrow Academy. Known for relatable yet super-powered characters, the show has its fair share of impressive fight scenes.

With the addition of the Sparrows, the Umbrellas find themselves evenly matched but are glad for the additional support against a common enemy: another apocalypse. Fighting for their lives, the Umbrellas know when to run and when to stand their ground - meaning that some fights are better than others.


14 Diego and Allison Fight Racism

Allison, Diego, and Klaus in The Umbrella Academy season 3

Haunted by her trauma of being a black woman in 1960s Texas, Allison finally opens up to the only Umbrella who truly understands: Diego. Feeling the need to take her anger out on someone, Diego takes Allison to a bar full of racists who he reveals deserve a beating.

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The brawl brings the two distant siblings together and while fighting injustice is always valid, only flashbacks of the skirmish are shown. The lack of context behind Diego and Allison's injuries lessens the moral victory in comparison to previous battles against prejudice in the first two seasons.

13 Viktor Vs. Harlan

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Harlan Viktor Powers Compared

While Viktor has unfiltered natural power, Harlan has experience handling his abilities making him one of Umbrella Academy season 3's most powerful characters. Despite Harlan threatening to tear Viktor to atoms, Viktor is not afraid to push his pseudo-son to find out why he killed the Umbrellas' mothers.

While interesting to see Viktor fight someone equally matched to him, it didn't need to get physical as neither character likes using their powers violently unless absolutely necessary. The injuries sustained do however make Luther realize that Harlan is a threat when he sees his little brother hurt.

12 Jayme Vs American A**Holes

Jayme in The Umbrella Academy promo

In a fight against two men in a pizzeria, Jayme swiftly puts the xenophobic jerks in their place after they mock an employee and his English despite it being flawless. Just as the men are about to throw a punch, Jayme steps in to save the day.

Without even using her powers, Jayme takes them down a peg with a quick succession of punches and kicks. It is an impressive introduction to her character and reminds the viewers of the real reason what the academies should be fighting; injustice.

11 Grapple With The Guardian

Image of Lila and Diego in Hotel Oblivion

Looking for Stanley, Diego and Lila find themselves exploring Oblivion. Impatient and worried, Diego rings the bell and calls forth one of the Hotel's Guardians. The scene set is ominous and dark; befitting for a samurai warrior to sneak attack the duo and cut off Diego's fingers.

Viewers are shocked to see a main character (who has survived two apocalypses) injured so seriously and permanently, especially considering Diego's powers often rely on his ability to throw knives. It offered up potential for Diego to explore his identity and abilities but the injury was retconned when the universe is reset, meaning everything was miraculously fixed.

10 Sparrows Vs. Umbrellas and Harlan

The Umbrella Academy Season 3

In the Hotel Obsidian lobby, the Sparrows decide to attack rather than bargain with their superhero competition. Looking like comic book superheroes, the Sparrows seem to be winning until Lester Pocket aka Harlan saves the Umbrellas with an energy wave akin to Viktor's.

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The fight is swift but gives characters like Christopher and Harlan the opportunity to show off the extent of their powers. When he kills Jayme and Alphonso with such ease, audiences realize this is not the same sweet child from season 2 while Ben learns that since the Sparrows cannot beat the Umbrellas they'll work with them instead - after getting justice.

9 Grace Goes All Out

what grace writes on the floor and why she worships the kugelblitz

While some are busy trying to contain the black hole in their basement, the others are force to deal with an obsessive Grace who believes the Kugelblitz to be a kind of deity who has come to save her.

In order to protect her God who Grace might see as a sophisticated series of equations similar to herself, she brings a flamethrower to a superpower fight. Diego and fans alike are emotionally compromised - while this is not their Grace, it is a version of her. It is difficult for all to see the Umbrellas' sweet and caring robot mother die at the hands of Five.

8 Ben Vs Jayme

Image of Jayme dodging one of Sparrow Ben's tentacles in a dojo

When Pogo prepares the Sparrows for internal and external obstacles in battle, Ben and Jayme engage in what should be a friendly sparring match. It becomes an incredible fight allowing the audience to see Ben's impressive abilities after being neglected from most fights in seasons 1 and 2.

While Jayme's ability may not be as powerful, she proves to be resourceful and self-reliant when she chooses not to yield to Ben's overwhelming strength. This fight also allows viewers to see that Reginald is just as hardhearted with the Sparrows as he was with the Umbrellas when he encourages Ben to kill his sister.

7 Pharmacy Shop Showdown

David Castaneda as Diego and Jake Epstein as Alphonso in Umbrella Academy

A serendipitous encounter between Diego and the Sparrows in a pharmacy leads to a rematch and learning more about Alphonso and Jayme. When the he isn't taken by complete surprise just after battling the entire Commission, Diego proves himself in combat once more.

Not only do fans see that Alphonso's powers have negative effects on his body but Diego shows incredible maturity when he makes the surprising decision to retreat and keep Stan safe. The battle helps bond Stanley and Diego proving they are both fighters through and through, which makes Lila's reveal that they aren't related at all even more shocking.

6 Bathroom Battle

Aidan Gallagher as Five and Rita Arya as Lila in Umbrella Academy

Both fans and Five are taken by surprise when Lila decides to battle him naked in the Hotel's communal bathroom. Fueled by their hatred of each other, these two take almost every opportunity to fight to the amusement of fans.

Recreating some of the best fight scenes in The Umbrella Academy, Lila again uses her mimicking power to copy Five's blinks. Unprepared for a fight, Five using several mundane objects to teach a masterclass of improvisation to viewers. Five proves that no matter the circumstances, he's still deadly and strategic.

5 Bouncy House Brawl

Image of Luther holding Klaus's arms in a bouncy house in the afterlife

After being killed by Reginald, Luther is determined to go back and warn the others while Klaus is ready to give up. Given there's no pain in the Void, Luther finds an unusual way to torture his sibling into acquiescing

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This hilarious brotherly disagreement in a bouncy house makes viewers forget about the dire stakes. The mild physical altercation reminds fans of their own sibling fights and considering Viktor has almost killed his siblings several times, this is nothing in comparison.

4 Allison Vs. Viktor

The Umbrella Academy Allison Hargreeves Powers Change Explained

Angry at Viktor for protecting Harlan and hiding the fact that he caused the paradox, Allison attacks her brother using her most powerful weapon - her words. Not long after saying there's nothing Viktor can do to make her love him less, she reaches the point of no return when she tells her brother they should have left him in the basement.

It is a shocking moment for fans and Viktor who has always been closest with Allison. It is a hard scene to watch but the acting is tremendous. The physicality in this fight may be little but it is not needed, though that doesn't mean fans didn't cheer for Viktor justifiably slapping Allison.

3 Sparrows Vs. Umbrellas

Justin H. Min as Ben Hargreeves, Cazzie David as Jayme, Jake Epstein as Alphonso, Justin Cornwell as Marcus, Britne Oldford as Fei, Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane from the Sparrow Academy in The Umbrella Academy Season 3

After the dance battle, the real fight begins. Each Umbrella takes on at least one of the Sparrows at a time except for Klaus who sensibly questions their father further about his new children.

While the Sparrows lose against Viktor's incredible powers, Reginald's alternate children are clearly more talented and more powerful than the Umbrellas. The fight highlights the Sparrows' powers and leads to some of the funniest lines in The Umbrella Academy season 3. It also helps the Umbrellas understand that superpowers don't guarantee a victory - tactics and teamwork are crucial.

2 Everyone Vs. The Guardians

Umbrella Academy Season3 Finale Oblivion Machine

A battle for the universe sees characters teaming up to defeat the Guardians who are left to protect reality's reset button. Sloane, Ben and Five prove to be an incredible group but using Viktor's powers, he and Lila take out a Guardian without breaking a sweat.

As expected for a final episode fight, this series of separate fights are intense and bloody keeping audiences glued to their screen wondering what will happen next. Not only does it surprise fans with Five losing his arm but the final battle between Allison and Reginald culminates in the finale's shocking cliffhanger leaving viewers wonder how they will top this in the next season.

1 Sparrows Vs Umbrellas Dance Battle

The Umbrella Academy cast dancing to Footloose

An unexpected delight in the first episode of season 3 is the Footloose dance scene. Caused by Jayme Hargreeves' hallucinogenic venom, Diego imagines a between the Sparrows and the Umbrellas.

The entire scene is hilarious, surprising and captivating as each character shows their personality in their dances. It is a tough call to say which academy won, however, the real winners are the actors who performed the dance battle perfectly and the audience who thoroughly enjoyed this treat.

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