The Perfect Show To Watch While You Wait For The Umbrella Academy Season 4

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy season 3.

After two years The Umbrella Academy season 3 released and it’s not clear if or when season 4 will be released, but there is a perfect show for viewers to watch while they wait for The Umbrella Academy season 4. While The Umbrella Academy season 4 has not yet been confirmed by Netflix, there are clearly plans for the story to continue. Series creator Steven Blackman has said that if The Umbrella Academy is renewed for season 4 then it will be the shows last.

As has become the trend The Umbrella Academy season 3 ending included another huge cliffhanger as the Umbrellas (and the Ben from The Sparrow Academy) found themselves in a new timeline once again. After The Umbrella Academy season 1 it took a year and a half for season 2 to be released. Because of COVID, season 3 took a full 2 years which means that it is hard to say when The Umbrella Academy season 4 might release, but with such a complex show and ensemble cast it could be a long wait.


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There is good news, however, as the perfect show exists to watch while viewers wait for The Umbrella Academy season 4 to arrive. Doom Patrol is based on DC comics characters and sees a group of superpowered beings brought together under the guidance of an older researcher to create a team of heroes. There are a lot of similarities between the two series, including some story beats, the time travel narratives, the cast of reluctant supers dragged into saving the world, and a positive portrayal of important LGBTQ+ issues. For anyone looking for what to watch after The Umbrella Academy season 3 and waiting for season 4, Doom Patrol is a perfect solution and it scratches the same itch and is releasing its own season 4 in August 2022.

Why Is Doom Patrol So Similar To The Umbrella Academy?

Doom Patrol

It might seem strange that Doom Patrol is so tonally similar to The Umbrella Academy, however, there are some interesting reasons for this. The Umbrella Academy comics, written by Gerard Way, are published by Dark Horse, a frequent collaborator with DC who publish Doom Patrol. Doom Patrol is based on comics by a range of authors but much of the run was defined by Grant Morrison’s work. Morrison was a huge influence on Gerard Way’s work and even wrote the introduction to the first The Umbrella Academy collection, “The Apocalypse Suite.” Doom Patrol also includes characters created by Neil Gaiman in the form of the Dead Boy Detectives. Gaiman and Way also have similar tastes and styles, with Gaiman writing the introduction for the second The Umbrella Academy collection “Dallas.”

Do You Have To Watch Titans/Arrowverse To Watch Doom Patrol?

For most of the DC television shows their interconnectedness with other series can feel like a barrier to entry with the Arrowverse being a sprawling network of shows and Peacemaker being tied to the DCEU. However, it is not necessary to watch any other Arrowverse shows to watch Doom Patrol. While the Doom Patrol was introduced in Titans season 1, they only appeared in one episode and the version of the characters in Doom Patrol serve as a soft reboot with Beast Boy never mentioned and Dr. Niles Caulder recast for the series. Both Titans and Doom Patrol were confirmed to take place in different realities in the Arrowverse so Doom Patrol can be watched in full while waiting for The Umbrella Academy season 4 without the risk of missing references to other shows.