The Origin of Goku’s Strongest Dragon Ball Attack is Darker than Fans Know

Warning: Contains discussion of child sexual abuse

Every fan of Dragon Ball is aware that Goku’s signature and most powerful attack is the Kamehameha technique. While that insanely strong blast has helped Goku in a great number of fights since he first mastered it, the origins of the technique within Dragon Ball lore is way darker than most fans know.

The Kamehameha was invented by Master Roshi of the Turtle School after he trained for fifty years in mastering the technique. The blast is formed when the user cups their hands together and brings them to their side while channeling all of the ki to the centralizing point where their cupped hands meet. The user then fires the ki blast by shooting their cupped hands forward while aiming at their desired target. While Roshi developed the Kamehameha, Goku took the technique to new heights as the blast is only as powerful as the person wielding it, and there are few Dragon Ball characters more powerful than Goku.


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In Dragon Ball Chapter 14 by Akira Toriyama, Goku and Chi-Chi travel to Master Roshi’s hut to ask him for help in extinguishing the fires on Fry-pan Mountain. Chi-Chi’s father, the Ox-King, is in possession of a Dragon Ball and told Bulma that he would give her and Goku his Dragon Ball in exchange for their help in putting out the raging fires on his mountain. So, Chi-Chi and Goku convince Roshi to help them as he is the only person they know with the power to pull off such a feat. When the two future love-birds bring Roshi to Fry-pan Mountain, the Turtle School founder uses his signature Kamehameha move to extinguish the fires with a single blast, though he only agreed to do so on one absolutely vile condition.

Goku's strongest attack has a dark origin.

Before this chapter, Bulma and Goku meet Master Roshi on their quest to find the Dragon Balls as he was in possession of one himself. When Bulma asked him for the magical artifact, he agreed to give it to her only if she showed him her panties. Bulma, desperate for the wish-granting orb, reluctantly agreed and he promptly handed over the Dragon Ball as payment. In this chapter, Roshi only agrees to help extinguish the fires on Fry-pan Mountain if Bulma lets him touch her chest, elevating the condition of his help to physical contact. While Bulma refuses to let him touch her, the fact that he even made that his one condition for helping them is sickening, especially given the fact that at the time, Bulma was sixteen years old. When Roshi uses the Kamehameha to put out the fires, that is the first time fans ever see the technique used and it is also the first time Goku is exposed to such power.

If Goku didn’t agree to let Roshi touch Bulma inappropriately (which Bulma later refused) then Roshi would have never done the move and fans would have been robbed of seeing Goku use his now signature attack against his greatest foes. The only reason fans and Goku alike were able to see the Kamehameha for the first time was because the man who developed it wanted to molest an underage girl–making the origin of Goku’s strongest Dragon Ball attack darker than many fans know.