The Big Bang Theory: Every Character Ranked By Likability, According To Reddit

The Big Bang Theory introduced fans to longtime friends and partners Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy. Each character brought their own unique flair to the show and grew exponentially over 12 seasons. Sheldon became more personable, Howard matured, Raj became more independent... The Big Bang Theory was filled with growth.

But not every character was as likable as the next. Every fan has a list of favorites from TBBT and explained their views on Reddit. From Bernadette's rudeness to Sheldon's quirkiness — not every fan found main characters likable.

Updated on July 7th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: The Big Bang Theory was the success that it was because of the compelling and lovable characters it had. With Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny as the stars, fans adored the dynamic between the three. On Reddit, fans' opinions on the characters changed over time and with more rewatches. While characters like Bernadette started as likable, some fans agreed that her personality took a downward spiral in later seasons. On the contrary, a character like Sheldon only got better with time. Every character's personality shifted subtly, which made Reddit's opinions alter on who they liked more. 


8 Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz Became A Bully

Similar to Bernadette's friends on this list, Bernadette changed throughout the series, but some fans don't think that change was for the better.

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Redditor InsaneAsylum95 wrote, "She use to be this loving and caring person! But after she got married she became this mean arrogant [woman]." When Bernadette started dating Howard, she was soft-spoken, laughed at everything Howard said, and was focused on a future in science. But years down the road, Bernadette became sarcastic, annoyed by Howard's character, and judgemental. As brilliant and adorable as Bernadette could be, she didn't have the best character arc and didn't always hit the right note with fans.

7 Leonard Hofstadter Was A Great Friend But Lost His Drive

Even though Leonard was one of the main characters, he wasn't always loved by fans. At the beginning of the series, Leonard was a brilliant experimental physicist who was nervous about everything. His insecurities got in the way of his dreams at times but when he fought through his fears, he came out on top, which made him extremely relatable. In the end, though, Leonard was overrated to some.

But as time went on, Leonard became a little too cocky and whined when things didn't go his way. He became a pushover when he started dating Penny and became complacent at work and in his relationship. Leonard realized he was in a rut in later seasons but didn't pull himself out of it as his friends did. Leonard lost himself and it was noticed by Bornenchanter, who said Leonard was "whiny, mousy, skittish, and passive-aggressive."

6 Penny Hofstadter Was An Amazing Friend & Found Herself

Penny is one character that experienced the most growth. She went from a down-on-her-luck waitress trying to make it as an actress to a successful pharmaceutical sales rep with a good head on her shoulders. With the help of her friends, Penny was finally paying off her debts and was making good money.

Penny also realized that she could have a real future with Leonard that was more than friends. Regardless of all this growth, fans didn't love her newfound hobby of drinking wine in later seasons and felt like she got worse and worse in terms of her patience. Spolarium wrote that Penny was a "freeloader" and "constantly looks down on the guys' interests." Around the same time, Penny rolled her eyes at Leonard, put him down without realizing it, and wasn't a great friend to Amy.

5 Raj Koothrappali Found Independence & Self-Respect

Raj also showed a lot of growth in 12 seasons. He conquered his fear of talking to women, excelled in work, became more independent as he loosened his ties to his parents' bank account, and slowly realized he didn't need to force relationships. The only person Raj needed to end up with was himself.

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As badly as Raj wanted to get married, he knew that he wanted it to be for love and not because he settled. Fans appreciated Raj's character for his growth with relationships and were proud of his arc. Disha77 told Reddit that they appreciated Raj, writing, "He is such a great cook, responsible, caring, and a very good friend (not to mention, he is rich also). So, I love him."

4 Stuart Bloom Got His Happy Ending

Stuart and Denise at home in The Big Bang Theory

Stuart Bloom was a side character that became part of the group by the end of the series. As the owner of the comic book store the group frequented, all Howard wanted was to be a part of their squad. It was hard for him when the group did things and didn't invite him. Over time, that changed and Stuart was included in more activities.

What made Stuart so likable was his self-deprecating humor and his determination. No matter how hard life was for him, Stuart came out on top and got a happy ending. He became successful, his friends respected him, and he finally landed a girlfriend. Stuart made for hilarious parts of the show. Fans wanted more for Stuart. Megadux2021 supported him by writing, "I never really understood why this character was so utterly mistreated by the writers of this show." Sthilair agreed and wrote, "I always thought that they missed a big opportunity with that character. He was sweet and a great actor."

3 Amy Farrah Fowler Went From Judgemental To Loyal

Amy Fowler Big Bang Theory

Amy Farrah Fowler went from a judgemental robotic-like woman to everyone's favorite neurobiologist. She was one of the most relatable characters when it came to wanting to fit in and be loved. She was in love with a complicated man who wouldn't commit to her and she wanted to be known for her brains rather than her physical attributes. In short, Amy was inspiring.

She's also one character who merged nicely with the group. Her obsession with wanting to be Penny's friend was hilarious television and she implemented herself into most storylines. Like everyone else, Amy had her downfalls but not quite as bad as the others. "I liked her character development! [I] can relate so much to her, hoping the same to happen to me one day!" is what Snoo23644 told Reddit.

2 Howard Wollowitz Succeeded At Work & Got The Family He Always Wanted

The Big Bang Theory Sad Howard

Reddit user Kaytay4425 was torn on their love/hate relationship with Howard Joel Wollowitz. "Howard has had the most growth and I'm glad they took him in the direction that they did. He originally got on my nerves, but now he is one of my favorites," they wrote. Howard got some hate but he also got a lot of love from the fandom. His sexualized sense of humor, friendship with Raj, and battle with Sheldon was hit or miss with fans.

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Howard was one character who matured but still kept his original personality from season 1 intact. Watching him blossom into a husband and father was something fans never thought they'd see, but he did it brilliantly as he continued to prove his genius at work. As rambunctious as Howard could be, he was one of the bright lights of the series.

1 Sheldon Cooper Became A Fulfilled Character

While some Redditors hated Sheldon's selfish personality, others found him to be a beloved character. No matter how many outrageous and annoying moves Sheldon pulled over the years, he was the star of the show and a great friend. Without Sheldon, there was no show. And like many other characters, Sheldon grew a lot.

He became more open and understanding, and he began respecting those around him. Sheldon also found out that he could love Amy unconditionally. Healthyjourney45 wrote, "Sheldon is why I continue to watch. I love the Sheldon and Penny relationship also." Sheldon was a complicated but likable character who fans can't help but watch.

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