Tesla’s FSD Could Be Used In Tunnels Later This Year

Elon Musk has indicated that Full Self Driving (FSD) could be coming to Tesla vehicles using The Boring Company's Las Vegas tunnels later this year. Tesla's FSD is an enhanced form of Autopilot, offering additional Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) features. The system, which was launched for beta testers in late 2020, brings limited self-driving capabilities to vehicles on city roads, similar to what Autopilot does on the highways.

The beta FSD software is currently available to employees, early access program members, and thousands of users who have opted-in to use the feature and qualify to get the update based on certain safety parameters. According to recent reports, however, the FSD software is still a work-in-progress, often hesitating and stopping in the middle of the road, endangering the car's occupants and other drivers. While the version 11 update is expected to fix many of the issues with the current FSD mode, it is likely still a long way away from becoming ready for prime time.


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In a recent tweet, Elon Musk claimed that The Boring Company’s 'Teslas in tunnels' could use FSD later this year. Musk was replying to a fellow Twitter user, who asked him how long it would take for the Tesla fleet in the Vegas Loop to start using the Full Self-Driving mode. Musk's reply is notable as this is the first official update from the company or its eccentric CEO about when users can expect Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system to become more widely available. Musk, however, did not respond to Tesla Motors Club's question about what the hold-up was, but another Twitter user claimed that the company might be waiting for regulatory approvals.

Maybe later this year

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 6, 2022

Is Tesla FSD Really Coming To Vegas Loop This Year?

A car inside a tunnel dug by The Boring Company

While Musk's update suggests that Tesla is becoming more bullish on its FSD system, it still has many chinks that need to be fixed as of version 10.12.2. Still, the Vegas Loop is one of the safest places to test the FSD system as it is a relatively controlled environment with well-marked roads. The tunnel system is currently operational over a relatively short stretch, but The Boring Company has plans to expand it to 55 stations over time.

While an update about a possible timeframe to deploy FSD in the Vegas Loop is a welcome move, it may not necessarily mean that it will happen any time soon. Musk has a habit of announcing features and updates long before they are actually ready, meaning there's no telling when the transition to FSD will finally happen. For years, Musk has been claiming that the Full Self-Driving system will be ready "by the end of the year," but it hasn't happened yet. It remains to be seen when Tesla will be ready to safely and efficiently deploy FSD in the Vegas Loop.