Stranger Things 4 Deaths Mean Kali Must Finally Return In Season 5

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Stranger Things season 4, volume 2!

All of the Stranger Things season 4 deaths mean that Kali (Linnea Berthelsen) must return to help Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in season 5. After the announcement that Stranger Things season 5 would be the last, all eyes were on season 4's two volumes to see how it would set up the finale. The introduction of Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) gave the entire cast of characters a formidable threat to go up against - and the death toll in Stranger Things season 4 was extremely high thanks to his ritualistic killings and murderous past.


Speculation may have heavily focused on the death of Steve prior to Stranger Things season 4 volume 2's release, but it was Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) that ultimately died in Stranger Things season 4. Other characters passed away, too, as volume 1's seven episodes focused on the Massacre at Hawkins Lab many years ago. Stranger Things ultimately revealed that Vecna, not Eleven, killed the other test subjects of Dr. Martin Brenner. It was a crucial part of Eleven's backstory to reveal in Stranger Things season 4, as it meant she was basically the only one powerful enough to oppose Vecna's plan.

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Throughout all of the flashbacks scenes, though, viewers quickly noticed that another test subject was missing: Kali, also known as Eight. Her introduction in Stranger Things season 2 marked the first time Eleven met another test subject who escaped, and Vecna's massacre indicates that she is the only other powered person in the world known to audiences. Due to the deaths of the other subjects, Kali needs to return in Stranger Things season 5. She has become the only person who can possibly team up with Eleven to fight Vecna. And if Vecna is even more powerful than he was the last time he and Eleven fought, Kali's powers will be useful in trying to take him down and save Hawkins once and for all.

What Happened To Kali After Stranger Things Season 2?

Stranger Things 2 The Lost Sister Kali and Eleven

Following Kali's appearance in Stranger Things season 2, the show has not provided any other information on her whereabouts. There are tie-in comics to Stranger Things that have briefly explored what happened to Kali after season 2, but they are not likely to be canon anymore. The comics in question had two other escaped and survived Hawkins test subjects find Kali in 1985. However, Stranger Things season 4's flashbacks contradicted the existence of these test subjects and their fates. Despite this and her absence, it should still be assumed that Kali is alive after Stranger Things season 2.

Eleven not only needs Kali's power to defeat Vecna in Stranger Things season 5, but there also already appears to be a plan in place to bring her back. Even though "The Lost Sister" episode was quite controversial upon its release, the Duffer brothers have already teased Kali's return. They mentioned in an interview in 2017 that the "chances are very high she comes back" and that it would be weird if the show "wouldn't solve [her] storyline." That quote might be several years old at this point, but the Duffers' interest in wrapping up Kali's story is noteworthy nonetheless. And with Stranger Things season 5 confirmed to be the end, its season 4 deaths may have partially been done to help facilitate Kali's eventual comeback.