Spotify Zodiac Affinity: How To Match Songs To Your Astrological Sign

Zodiac Affinity is a playlist generator based on an user's Spotify listening habits and their astrological sign. Astrology is getting more trendy with every passing year, and many social media companies are actively using it to attract more people to their platforms. Snapchat is one such app that offers users the ability to create an astrological profile as a way for them to share their horoscopes with their friends on the app. While the Zodiac Affinity feature is not Spotify's brainchild, it is still something that many Spotify users find interesting.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify is the world's largest music streaming platform ahead of competing services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc. According to the company's own shareholder report from early 2022, it has more than 422 million monthly active users globally, including 182 million paying subscribers, up from 158 million in 2021. Alongside 82 million audio tracks, the service also offers more than four million podcast titles, including controversial ones, like The Joe Rogan Experience.


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Created by developers Javier Blázquez and Lucas Aranda, Zodiac Affinity lets Spotify users generate playlists based on a combination of their listening habits and their astrological sign. To get started, go to the Zodiac Affinity website and click on the green 'Login with Spotify' button. On the next page, enter the Spotify account credentials and agree to share the relevant Spotify data with the website. This includes the user's Spotify username, number of followers, songs in their saved library, top artists, etc. As with all Spotify plugins, users can revoke access at any time. Finally, users will be required to select their zodiac sign. Once that's done, hit the 'Next' button and a list of songs will be auto-generated based on the selected astrological sign.

Generate Playlists Based On Zodiac Signs

One of the more fun aspects of Zodiac Affinity for most users is finding out which of their favorite songs align with the zodiac signs of people around them. There's no guarantee that the auto-generated playlists based on someone's sign will actually be liked by everyone with the same star sign, but it is certainly an intriguing prospect and one that's worth a shot.

It is not exactly clear how the songs are chosen in a playlist and how the tool decides which songs have, say, Scorpio or Capricorn energy. However, going by social media posts, most people seem to be fairly happy with the playlists they are getting. Either way, Spotify users wanting to know their Zodiac Affinity based on their listening habits just need to head over to the website to get their own list for themselves.